Sky Is Over

Album: Elect The Dead (2007)


  • The message in this song is that when you keep something away from others, you realize that what you want you can never have. >>
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  • Eftychios Kaimakkamis from Nicosia, CyprusThis song deals with Tankian's belief that civilization is over (sky is a metaphore for it) as the videoclip also suggests (Tankian writes CIVILIZATION IS OVER on the sky by the end of the video). The lyrics show man's faults and the fact that although people don't want it to go it is decidely over.
  • Hannah from Statesville, NcThis song is amazing , masterpiece ! its just serj straight out , its serj and serj sings about government himself economies and nature he loves nature and trys to help it the best he can ( i hear he is also a vegetarian ) serj is singing about his personal points of view on many thing
    keep on rockin serj !
  • Corey from Richmond, VaPeople! It's about pollution and Global Warming. He made the song off a web site which he supports. And in an interview about the song he said "I've always thought of the sky as, like, an open canvas. When I was a kid and I looked at the sky, I always remember being able to daydream, just looking at the sky, being creative, being able to design things. What would happen if we had no sky? Where would we be? Well, obviously, scientifically, without an atmosphere, we'd all be dead." Hope that helps.
  • Andrew from Mackinaw, IlSerj is not a christian but, a spiritualist. Read an enterview or even the inside sleeve to his cd brandon.
  • Andrew from Mackinaw, Ilthis song could be also about the people of japan after the atom bomb in world war 1
  • Andrew from Mackinaw, Ilthis song could also be talking about how they took pluto out of the astrological chart and the destruction it causes to astrology.personally i feel that songs can have self meaning too brandon
  • Andreq from Mackinaw, Ilthis song to me is about living the dream life and having to give it up for someone elses stupidity by the way my name is andrew not andreq
  • Cristina from Long Beach, Cai love this song it is so good they should play it more often
  • Erik from Brownwood , Txi think the song is pretty straight forward in the verse but the chorus is extremely cryptic."
    Are you at war with land
    And all of it's creatures,
    Your not-so-gentle persuasion
    Has been known to wreck economies
    Of countries, of empires, the sky is over," i still dont know what sky is over means but this verse is talking about the destruction man causes by just living. from the cars we drive everyday to the deforestation in 3rd world countries and even in uncivilaized places like sub saharan africa.
  • Avery from Bucksport, MeThis song is awesome i love it!!! and almost all of his songs have somthing to do with the government
  • Brandon from Beaver Dam, WiMatthew, you are utterly wrong. sorry to say but this song is about how civilization is ending, and how people are turning to a false god. Hence, " you cradle the sun" So, also means sun, and son as in god. the name of the song tell you what it means. though every system of a down song... AND Serj song has a double meaning in it.... sorry for your ignorance. and thanks
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