The Unthinking Majority

Album: Elect The Dead (2007)


  • The "Unthinking Majority" is the millions of Americans who sit back and think everything is fine in the world and don't question their government. The line, "I believe that you're wrong. Insinuating that they hold the bomb. Clearing the way for the oil brigade" refers to false intelligence reports that were the basis of the US invasion of Iraq. >>
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    Levi - Saginaw, MI

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  • Seth from Colorado Springs, CoTwo things, first: the government of the US Told it's citizens that the war was on terror, everything else is speculation and may or may not be right; Second: You CANNOT actually fight terror, for it is a form of fear, a basic emotion that everyone will or has felt before for various reasons, and is one of the base emotions humans feal, for with out it we would lose a piece of what people refer to as our "humanity".
  • Steve from Wiconsin Rapids, WiOk, Erik, Terror? Really? Osama Bin Laden is still safe and sound genius. Joe, I don't understand if you like or dislike this song. Jake you can insult the left out comma.
  • Joe from El Paso, TxYou know what? "Boom", "B.Y.O.B.", and "The Unthinking Majority" all have similar meanings; 'war sucks, we want peace', all sung by Serj Tankian; a peace-loving vegitarian. If you also read my comment for "Vicarious" by Tool, It shows that we sit back and relax because we know we're safe while others are suffering, much like the song "Boom", so, if you include that, it's a 4-song link, Not to meantion that System of a Down (the band Serj Tankian was in before they broke up) and Tool are my two favorite bands, and that is, before I learned the song's meanings and was just listening to the music. Both bands have songs on "Guitar Hero World Tour", both consist of 4 band members who are all males, both play heavy metal music, both bands formed in California, both bands where big hits in the 90's and 00's (2000-2007 because System of a Down broke up in 2007 because they all wanted to go their own ways, much like Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabath)And one last thing... Jake, I see a mistake in your typing; instead of "I need you to do two things for me next time, Erik, before you write again." you should have said "I require that you do two of my commands as for the time again when the time comes that you must post another comment on this internet page as on the site of as on the song of 'The Unthinking Majority'created by the band who calles themselves as the 'Serj Tankian' as of the former singer musician of the rock band as of 'System of a Down' as of the time when you write a script as onc again." Nobody's perfect, well, you sure as hell are'nt.
  • Attila from Dunavarsány, HungaryErik, that was an incredibly ignorant post. If you would do only a little research, and wouldn't believe every single thing the gov tells you, you'd see that 9/11 was an inside job. There's so much evidence, it simply CAN NOT BE accidental. You say that the war is on "terror". I'll say what I've already said at "Empty Walls": What is Terrorism? Terrorism is manipulating people through fear, terror. I'll say the next sentence knowing that 9/11 was an inside job. Bush said there was a terrorist threat, people were afraid of terrorists, so they supported him, thinking he would stop/prevent the whole mess. I think this is terrorism, not what the muslims are doing. The USA invaded a country, who are now fighting for their and their family's lives. And the /Unthinking Majority/ are just sitting at home, watchin CNN and thinking it's not that big of a deal, because they are not really feeling anything of it, basically ignoring it, while the iraqis and others are getting slaughtered.
  • Kevin from Diamondhead, MsJake, your elitist attitude towards others is actually what is making this world a worse place. So what if he has some grammar mistakes in his argument. im not saying i agree with his statement. in fact, i am strongly against it. erik, there have been plenty of democracies that have attacked others for no reason. Simply because you have a democracy in place is not a guarantee that your leader is a good one
  • Jake from Boston, Ma0
  • Erik from Brownwood , Txummm no. only a liberal would wright this. and i bet that levi thinks 9/11 was a consipiricy set up by the government. the unthinking majority is the part of america that goes out and votes for the best candidtate that gives them free stuff. that is not what running for president is all about. the "false" reports are not false at all. the war is on TERROR not oil. we have been successfull in the fact that we have captured sadam hussein and other top terrorist. the people that kill innocent americans and civilans. the oil brigade is just a contriversial issue in todays society. iraq was invaded because it will stop the countries from destroying each other. and make them a democracy. no democracy has ever gone to war with other democracys without being provoked by acts of agression.
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