• The lyrics to this song were written by drummer Morgan Rose. The song is a direct hit to Dez, the lead singer of the band Coal Chamber. Morgan's wife was the bass player in Coal Chamber. >>
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  • Zero from Nowhere, NjWeird that they were dissin' on Coal Chamber yet they're currently on tour with them. I guess they resolved their differences.
  • Gabreya from Pine Bluff, AkI love this song. I love their vocals and tunes! It's one of their greastest songs that I love to listen to. Next to "Live Again", "Leech", and "Beautiful", this a song to enlighten you on a drowsy day. I can actually find myself dancing to this!
  • Tori from Birmingham, EnglandShe wasn't thrown out for no reason, she left the band for a while to look after their baby, which was understandable, but since her baby was now her first priority it is also obvious that the band wouldn;t be as important to her, and Nadja was a better bassist than Rayna anyway. Dez did what was best for the band... even if he is a complete (deleted)
  • Josh from Auburndale, FlThis song is a direct hit to Dez of Coal Chamber, and Morgan's wife was the bass player in Coal Chamber. The song is a hit to Dez because Morgan's wife was kicked out of Coal Chamber by Dez for no reason at all.
  • Danny from Franklin, GaThis is a real great song! Their new song "Ugly" is good as well.
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