Men in this Town

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  • Shakira addresses in this song the frustration of the singletons that all the good catches are gone. The Colombian singer recounts a trip to California, in which she alludes to Angelina Jolie and comes to the concision that "Matt Damon's not meant for me."
  • Shakira told MTV News that for this song she had in mind, "friends of mine - girlfriends of mine - that I see struggling with their own romantic lives... how hard it is for girls to find the right guy."
  • Shakira explained the Matt Damon lyric to MTV News: "I know Matt Damon," she said. "I know him and his wife. It's all good. This is a song and Damon really rhymed with the other word. Matt Damon is actually a terrific dude - I'm saying it in a good way. What I'm actually saying is there aren't many great guys out there and Matt Damon is one of them. I love Matt Damon. He's so great. He's a good sport too."
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