Bring It Back

Album: Handwritten (2015)


  • Shawn Mendes wrote "Bring It Back" with frequent collaborator Geoff Warburton, who is the brother of one of the singer's best friends. Warburton contributed to the writing of four Handwritten tracks and this was penned during their first ever songwriting session.

    "I remember he was planning a trip to Los Angeles and he hit me up about going together," Warburton recalled to Billboard. "(Working together) was just super natural. I remember that first day, he had just learned this guitar riff and we wrote over it. Forty-five minutes later, it became this song that wound up on his first record called 'Bring it Back.' When he started playing it live and I was like, 'Oh my gosh, people are actually hearing this song, that's really cool.' It all kind of happened really fast."


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