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  • Here, Shawn Mendes calls out a girl who treats him with disdain. Despite coming across to his friends as "sweet", Shawn wants nothing to do with her.

    You treat me
    Like I got nothin' on you
    Making beautiful look ugly
    You ain't the ruler of no country
    Who made you the queen?

    Shawn told Entertainment Weekly the song is not about a particular person. Instead "it's a vague concept" aimed at everybody who puts themselves above him. He added:

    "I just hate people who think they're better than other people. There's no reason to. It just bugs me, man. My least favorite trait in somebody is when you can feel them acting like they're more important than you, and I just had to write a song about it. I thought the best way to talk about it was to be like, 'You're not the queen of a country.'"
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