Wouldn't Want to Be Like You
by Sheryl Crow (featuring St. Vincent)

  • Sheryl Crow wrote this song with her guitarist and go-to collaborator Jeff Trott. Lyrically, it's about our political chiefs' squishy relationship with the truth.

    I wouldn't want to be like you
    You tell a lie, you tell a lie, you tell a lie
    But that don't make it true

    Crow explained to Apple: "It's about the fact that while we're teaching our kids that the truth matters, we're seeing it become an inconvenience to people at the top of our government."
  • Crow recorded the song for Threads, a collaborative album featuring many of her musical heroes, friends, and newer artists. She sent the tune to her pal Annie Clark, aka singer-songwriter St. Vincent. Crow told her, "Look, I've written this. Sit with it and let me know if you want to be a part of this." Clark got right back straight away to the singer and told her she was in.


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