Album: Attention Attention (2018)
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  • "Monsters" is an explosive song that explores the ever-present demons and self-sabotaging inner voices we all fight against:

    'Cause my monsters are real, and they're trained how to kill
    And there's no comin' back and they just laughed at how I feel
    And these monsters can fight, and they'll never say die
    And there's no goin' back, if I get trapped I'll never heal
  • Shinedown singer Brent Smith battled substance abuse and alcoholism for a long time. Though he kicked the habits, he still has to take it one day at a time.

    "That's how I have to do it, but the dynamic in the song is not just about substance abuse," he explained to Louder Sound. "It's about a lot of different situations that people get put in because they have things in their mind that - for whatever reason - they used to sabotage themselves. They don't know why they do it, but they do it, and these are the monsters that I'm talking about."
  • The song's music video was directed by Bill Yukich, who was the lead editor on Beyonce's Lemonade film. The cinematic clip features a woman mourning the death of her soldier husband.

    The visuals for the Attention Attention album were all shot by Yukick. They connect with the storyline running through the record of an individual in a dark, negative mental and emotional place, slowly changing as his anxieties dissipate and demons disappear.
  • A second video was released for the song. Animated by Toon53 Productions, the cartoon clip explores the ever-present demons and self-sabotaging inner voices that we all battle.

    "The masks represent the parts of your psyche that make you afraid of who you are," Smith explained to Billboard of the visual. "Inside of that, from an album standpoint, Attention, Attention is all about not being afraid to fail and not being afraid period because you're not going to be defined by your failures, you will be defined by the fact that you refuse to give up. Your monsters may be real, but that doesn't mean you have to give into them."

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  • Regina Hawkins from Cincinnati, OhWhere was this video filmed at?
  • David from AlabamaIt is gangstalking. I have been poisoned and more. Train how to kill. They have destroyed my reputation with smear campaign and fear im being framed. I fell in love with a girl that was caught up in gangstalking...i didnt know she was a prostitute til 3 years in. I was conned and lost everything to her and her handlers. I figured something was amiss but i knew her in and beautiful. Married a cop out of school for 16 years. She got turned out and missed up in drugs and turned prostitute. The song seems like it is coming from her point of view. She often played songs with meanings...everything had a message in it. Movies and everything. It is really sad. She wasnt that way in school but at 43 she had characteristics of dark triad. I dont know what happened to her. Psychopathy machavellian narcissism. It has been hard accepting that i was nothing but a mark for someone that love so dearly. There is no help for her and me being an not in a good place. Lost everything to the monster...assets. And have been totally isolated. Creepy.

    Gangstalking/humantrafficking. They hack cellphones by cloning them or something. Send phishing emails...all kinda s--t to steal my info to take my identity...and use a clone of my phone to steal identities. Use of DNS poisoning to send me to fake websites. Im gonna be sent to prison if i dont get away...even with the abuse and framing...already framed twice...something keeps me from going away to drug rehab for long term. The stalking has followed me to different states. Ive got to somehow break to realize i cant save her...trying to save her has already cost me everything and anyone that could help has been threatened and warned not to. The people i know that use drugs still take part in the stalking. They are rewarded and take advantage of my needs and use auch to scam me and rip me off every way possible.

    I need to just move on...but she has been with me 4 years. Who givea a f--k right. Im gonna go to prison. She isnt human anymore...she has turned into one of the monsters that are torturing me and trying to take my soul. I cant even get real given poison in the place of dope. My cigs are sprayed with something that causes blimishes and s--t similar to meth as well. If i go to the cops or anyone for help...they think im just dumb and on meth. No touch torture. Gaslighting me and stealing from me. It has been horrible. Totally demonic. Confusion and fear. I have surely met evil face to face. No empathy while being entirely sadistic. I NEVER knew people...old friends could be soooo evil. Like i have gone and went to hell. They derive pleasure fro.m bullying me...making comments....they tell stories about things not related to me but are f--king with me because ot is really referencing me in the story or my situation. I mean everyone i know is doing the evil s--t. Now i have been sensitized to such so i likely overthink they are doing that on occassions. Play songs that have meaning and are meant to send a messagr. Sounds crazy ..tha is what it is meant to do...make me look insane and paranoid from meth making it unbelievable.

    I just hope i can heal and get away from all the monster tracking and stalking me via social media. Google. And my cell phone. Gonna get a new phone and get all new accounts. May change my name. Become new. Gangstalking is real and is demonic....dont get trapped
  • Selfsabotage from Somewhere Out There Screwing Up AgainRough childhood. But seriously… how many didn’t? I don’t feel sorry for myself, I’ve made a decent life for myself in spite of deck stacked against me. But… that deck and the hand dealt left scars. I trust no one. My Monsters are just that. They defend me from letting anyone get too close and break me again. The Monsters do come out way too often to “fight” for me and push people away.
    Hence the line “Good for you, you hurt everybody… Good for you , you love no one”

    My Monster thinks it’s supposed to rip anyone to shreds that threatens my trust or doubt and push them away. It does not do well for my marriage. Luckily, my wife sees my flaws and deals with them. But she shouldn’t have to. My Monster will not think of that when it’s in “defend mode”.

    Thanks Mom… you really f--ked me up.
  • Mark from MichiganAs a retired Vet, this video hits home but the words are powerful beyond measure. The video shows the Marine being buried, the type of military honors being presented are typically for a service member who didn't die from combat, as they get 21 guns salute, a more formal ceremony, this seems like a suicide which is 1 of 22 a day we see, the man the wife sleeps with is probably a friend of the dead husband. She slept with him because the little girl in the video is the woman as a little girl who was sexually assaulted and as an adult the way she deals with grief is through sexual destruction. Great song, great meaning, we all have monsters and hopefully we never consume to then. If you find that you're going down a dark alley in life, please get help. Suicide hotlines are 24/7.
  • Anthony Flournoy from Shasta County CaYou're word's have hit me like no other person seems to know I didn't ever think I want to have I hope you guys are there for anyone that feels like the way we feel after I'd see times and I know the monster Thank you for monsters are real,you 2know
  • Sandra from NcI love this song and play it over and over again because for me it’s therapy. It means something to everyone. For me it gives voice to the rage in my head that still lives there after child sexual abuse. I’m learning to play it on my guitar. Thank you Brent Smith for “MONSTERS”, it helps me keep going. Oh and so y’all know this music reaches and is appreciated by all ages I will be 62!
  • Xtatxkatx from NevadaFor me the song expressed how I feel about a narcissistic ex, who has admitted he has mental health issues but refuses to deal with them. For me it describes how he has not conquered his demons but I fight on the same side as mine.
  • Dan from OregonXatchiadax I can relate to your situation. Therapy is the only way. If one doesn't help move to the next. It's hard for some therapists to grasp exactly what we have been through. Don't give up
  • Richard from Middle TnIs there a reason the young girl was hiding under the bed in this video? Seems she is a victim of sexual abuse??
  • Levi from Nashville Tennessee Can relate much to the monsters!!!
    Started drinking alcohol before i was a year old and as other mind altering substances came along,,, absolutely !! Made it into the room's in 89 by the judge and struggled seemingly aimlessly. Been sober now 7 days shy of 11yrs of continuously put together moments, simply put i am a whore for more and i know that to be my truth, you are blessed to find your own!?
    Been sober since 1-25-2010 46yrs of bewilderment came to an end,,, thanks to my HP!!!
    And they are shining down!!!
  • Xatchiadax from VancouverI was driving home tonight when this came across Spotify. My mother was an alcoholic prior to her passing, and she systematically ruined every relationship she had. With her children, her friends and loved ones. Because my siblings are my half siblings, they have always taken her flaws and made them my fault, because of her divorce with my father. Even though I know that I'm not the cause of my mother's problems, I have internalized every single thing that has ever been blamed on me by my siblings and my mother. Nobody understands why I suffer from depression because I have a pretty good life. They don't see my siblings or my mother. But they are my monsters. And this is how I related to the song.
  • Jeff Schnider from Carter Lake, IowaPaul from Florida, you need to talk Brother hit me up, I lost my one and only Son 8yrs ago who was Army, a Gunner 3/82 Bravo I miss that kid Dearly, I’m here the help...
  • Mickie Callahan from Forest City N.c.I have never heard a song that woke up my entire soul and gave me goosebumps. "Monsters" . In my opinion has to be one of the greatest songs Shinedown has performed. Brent Smith is an unbelievable artist, his voice is that of an angel. The entire band Shinedown just blows me away.
  • Lisa Huff from 46036I love this song. I listen to it all the time and my husband likes it also. Keep it u0 shinedown
  • Paul from Florida I have been fighting alcoholism forever.. 22 years 6 months and 13 days in the Army... too many combat zones.. too much s--t I don't want to remember.... this song explains how I live everyday.. I hurt my family with my drinking... but I have no feelings for that...
  • Hobyhi from Scthis song(to me) is about grief from breaking up with a self medicating mentally ill person. My monsters are the ptsd that the incurs from the abuse of a mentally ill person. It is as if I wrote it. He had a secret life.... " you fooled every body." He used alcohol and drugs to deal with the shame which resulted in his angery violence towards me, his wife for 25 years....his weapon is his anger "wrapped in burlap" is the shame. He disappeared and is building a new identity leaving children and me behind. Lots of hurt. "there's no going back, of I get trapped I'll never heal" refers to the ebb and flow of the grief and pain I am dealing with as I recover.
  • Mariona Perkins Vasquez from Texas Monsters...its not about his demons. Its other people's demons. When he got tired, he gave up on trying to persuade people that their demons are self made from their conscience and guilt. Our demons are reflections of the road less traveled. We save and love others out of cowardice excuses. Our actions are false when it comes to loving and caring and risking our own lives compared to another's. Judgement is a demon first and FOREMOST. Because we separate ourselves from the responsibility of love and making a difference/decision to save ourselves, instead of those that should matter most...THE CHILDREN. I have PTSD...because of the fight I have experienced with others trying to control me instead of being someone confident enough to BELIEVE that others are not dead for the sake of the WORLD. No one should have to suffer for Sorrows sake.

    I bet he was a loner. Life got very clear and no one believed him or even tried to understand what he was talking about. Philosophical. Not too many people have the gift. That's why we are sacrificed. We see a lot before it happens. We have more than 5 senses...

    I see it every day. People don't love or care for people anymore.
  • Just Me from TraveledSounds like a struggle, for him it is substance abuse, for veterans its PTSD, for teens its the pressures of society..... we all have monsters and yes they can kill if not controlled.
  • Kennychew from ChapticoI feel the strength he is pushing out but the video is a different sound it not just betrayal but the will to still be able!
  • Brandon from 28645Definitely about veterans and the hardship and nightmares they endure and live with from war.
  • Dirk from IndianapolisIn my opinion only. This is perhaps the greatest rock song ever produced
  • Honey Badger03 from The GraveThis is about veterans obviously
  • Eee from Unknown It's "My monsters are real" not "No monsters are real"
  • AnonymousActually, the beginning of the chorus is "'Cause MY monsters are real..."
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