Love Tonight

Album: single release only (2021)
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  • Shouse is an Australian electronic music duo comprising two Melbournians: Jack Madin and Ed Service. They recorded this slow-burning number in a Brunswick, Melbourne warehouse with a chorale of amateur singers and some of Melbourne's underground music stars.
  • Shouse's intention for "Love Tonight" was to inspire true community values. "It was a song about solidarity, love and connectedness," Service told Eddie Perfect on the ABC Radio Melbourne Breakfast program. "All the lyrics are about reaching out for one another, about connecting the community strength."
  • Shouse first released the song on December 14, 2017 to lukewarm reviews, but it has since seen a number of iterations, bringing it to the public's attention. In early 2018, a set of remixes was released, including one by tastemaker New Jersey DJ Mike Simonetti that attracted the attention of other DJs. Over the next few years, artists such as German electronic music producer Oliver Huntemann and Brazilian DJ and producer Vintage Culture gave the tune a reworking. By March 2021, the "Love Tonight" remixes were trending on TikTok and the song was becoming a dance anthem.

    "'Love Tonight' shows off the real power of a collection of human voices, the irresistible energy of the choir," Ed Service told Apple Music regarding why so many were graduating towards the track. "We are just a little underground band from Melbourne that wrote an anthem for friends, by friends, about love, connectedness and being there for one another through it all."
  • On June 11, 2021 the French DJ and record producer David Guetta dropped a back-to-house-basics remix. His version saw the song reach the upper regions of national charts across Europe. "What's crazy is that I made this remix only for myself at the beginning," Guetta told Apple Music. "I knew the a cappella because many underground DJs were playing it, but the production didn't fit my style, even if it was great, so I made a bootleg. It was going to be just a DJ tool, but when I saw the reaction, I was like, 'Wow, this needs to be released!' I think the whole universe of Shouse is very cool, and it reminds me of my beginnings in house clubs, raves in the early '90s and all those amazing memories for me that are part of my culture forever."


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