This Ride

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  • This song is in part about the April 20, 2016 death of Eric Brantley, a close friend of Michael Trent and Carry Ann Hearst. "It was already a song about the craziness of what it's like to have a new baby and watch your ageing parents and all the changes that brings," Hearst noted to The Boot. "Then, after our friend died, the song served us in a different way - it became even more powerful to us personally."
  • The song includes a clip of Brantley's mother speaking. "Michael makes a lot of field recordings, and some of those make it onto our records. In this case, [it was] a field recording Michael took at the memorial of a good friend of ours, and his mother telling this amazing story of how he came into the world at a particularly grievous time," Hearst explained. "She was really gracious to allow us to share that."
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