Everything In Awe

Album: Something Different (2015)


  • The Sidwalk Prophets wrote this song with their producer Seth Mosely surrounded by nature in a lake house just outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Vocalist David Frey recalled to NewReleaseToday: "We had this outpouring of songs in this gorgeous place. We would watch a bald eagle across the lake from us. It was awesome."
  • Frey recalled the story of the song: "Ben (McDonald) was playing this riff that he had for ten years, and that ended up being the melody for this song. Seth told Ben to keep playing the riff, saying that if God had that melody on his heart for ten years there must be something to it. I went to my 'Dave cave' to start writing, and so did Seth. I looked out the window and saw a deer and the bald eagle, and I read what C.S. Lewis said about nature, and that inspired this song."
  • This is the C.S. Lewis quote that inspired the song:

    "At present we are on the outside of the world, the wrong side of the door. We discern the freshness and purity of morning, but they do not make us fresh and pure. We cannot mingle with the splendors we see. But all the leaves of the New Testament are rustling with the rumor that it will not always be so. Someday, God willing, we shall get in."

    The quote is from The Weight of Glory, an address first given at Oxford University Church of St. Mary the Virgin by Lewis on June 8, 1941. It was published in the British periodical, Theology later that same year, then in book form in 1942.
  • Frey considers the song to be the heartbeat of the Something Different album. He said: "It sets the tone for the songs that come after it, establishing that healthy fear of the Lord that we need to have. We know from Isaiah 40 that He sits on the Throne, and we look like grasshoppers to Him. He stretches out the heavens like a canopy. For me, that Isaiah 40 passage always swept me up, and you'll find hints of that throughout the album. I have a child trapped inside of me, and have that faith 'like a child' in my heart. Standing in awe and wonder, God smiles when He sees that childlike wonder of Him."


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