Don't Feel Like Crying

Album: Sucker Punch (2019)
Charted: 13
  • Co-written by Sigrid with frequent Chainsmokers collaborator Emily Warren, this string-laden track finds the singer emotionally resilient after a breakup.

    I know I should be ordering takeout
    Sitting on my couch, that's what you do
    I know I should be all in my feelings
    Staring at the ceiling
    But here's the truth

    Though her heart is aching, Sigrid is determined not to wallow in self-pity and instead keep living. "There's a certain grace to heartache," said the singer. "A sort of... epic grace! I like good, heartfelt pop songs."
  • Sigrid wanted "Don't Feel Like Crying" to be a fun song, which puts breaking up in a positive light.

    "I wanted it to be something to distract people from the sad stuff and just dance, and then when they listen to it at a club or a party with their friends, they'll be like, 'Woah! This is such a tune,'" she told MTV News. "But then when they listen to it alone, maybe on their way home from the party or going for a run or just sitting at home on the couch, they'll be like, 'Oh, this is actually really sad.' I love that — when you can get the song to work in different types of environments."
  • Sigrid wrote the song with Oscar Holter and Emily Warren in Oslo, Norway. She told Billboard that when they started talking about the theme of "Don't Feel Like Crying" and some references, she played Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman track "Bad Decisions," which is one of her favorite songs, and also Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" for the strings.


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