It Doesn't Matter Why

Album: Widow's Weeds (2019)
  • On the face of it, this anxious call-and-response song is just a list of meaningless repeating phrases. However, Silversun Pickups frontman Brian Auber explained to Consequence of Sound that there is a message behind them: When someone is troubled, the best thing you can do is be there with them and listen. Said Auber: "It's about understanding that someone is upset or in a spell and instead of trying to deconstruct why or how they got to this state, the fact that they are there is all that needs to be recognized."
  • Things get a little testy during the third verse.

    Felling like you're on your own
    Oh no!
    Will we ever leave you alone?

    "That's the most sarcastic line," Aubert laughed to ABC Radio. "It's a devilish song, for sure, but it's not really mean... Or maybe it is."


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