My Alien

Album: No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls (2002)
  • This is one of those random, crazy songs that generally has no significance. It's about a guy dating an alien. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Brianna - Q, FL
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  • Dale from Cleveland, Ohthis song is actually about one of pierre's former girlfriends, she was a real weird-o towards the end of the relationship said sebastian in an online interview
  • Just_kid05 from Manila, --who could be the alien?
    pierre's gf??
    that's a laugh.
    yeah very crazy.
    but i do love sp.
  • Rebekah from West Palm Beach, FlHow weird...I have to laugh at this song...It really causes someone to start dating an alien! Lol! There are some things that should not be thought of....this song would be one of them.
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