Simple Plan

Pierre BouvierLead vocals
David DesrosiersBass, vocals2000-2020
Sebastien LefebvreGuitar, vocals
Chuck ComeauDrums
Jeff StincoGuitar

Simple Plan Artistfacts

  • The band is from Montreal and has had the same five members since they formed in 1999. Comeau and Bouvier were in a band called Reset for seven years before they had a falling out and Comeau left, eventually joining some high school friends in the group that became Simple Plan. When they needed a singer, Comeau recruited Bouvier after reconnecting with him at a Sugar Ray concert.
  • They got their deal with Lava Records in 2000 by coercing an A&R guy from the label, Andy Karp, to come to one of their shows in Montreal. He was impressed by the show and signed them soon after. Lava, which was partnered with Atlantic, was also home to Matchbox Twenty, Skillet and Kid Rock.
  • According to Bouvier, the 1998 Sam Raimi movie A Simple Plan provided their band name. They need to pick a name when they played their first show; a friend who was helping them out had seen the movie the night before and suggested it. They figured they'd change it later, but never did.
  • The band built a loyal fanbase early on that has supported them ever since. According to Andy Karp, who signed them, they are in very good shape financially, able to support their families without spending too much time on the road. Karp told the Full Circle Music Show in 2018: "They worked harder than everybody else when they had their highest level of commercial success. They signed every autograph, they stayed and made individual connections with fans, they called fans on their cell phones. They did all these things that social media allows you to do now but wasn't available to do when they started. It's created fans that have been with them for 15 years and aren't going anywhere."
  • Bouvier hosted a show on MTV called Damage Control that ran for two seasons from 2005-2006. In every episode, parents (who were accomplices) would leave a teenager home alone. Hidden cameras were installed in the house and actors hired to create mayhem. Kelly Clarkson showed up in one episode pretending to be a hapless plumber's assistant who destroys the washing machine. The Simple Plan song "Me Against The World" was the theme.
  • Their first tour was opening for Sugar Ray, who were also signed to Lava Records. Sugar Ray was very supportive. After that, they got a gig as a support act to Green Day and blink-182 on the 2002 Pop Disaster Tour.
  • Only Less Than Jake (13) played more Warped Tours than Simple Plan (12).
  • If he wasn't in the band as the lead singer, Pierre Bouvier says he would have been a marine biologist. >>
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  • Bouvier and Comeau are the primary songwriters in the band; they were writing together in their previous band, Reset.
  • They appear in the 2004 movie New York Minute, starring the Olsen Twins, where they perform the song "Vacation."
  • They star as close versions of themselves in a 2019 film called Summertime Dropouts, which is about a band that gets a big break when they get invited to play the Warped Tour.

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  • Kashina from Port Louis, OtherI just love Simple Plan, I feel vry relaxing when listening to their sngs.....
  • Kashina from Port Louis, OtherSimpl Plan is the Best..... I love that groups...
  • Erin from Pittsburgh, PaSimple Plan makes so much sense in the song "Crazy." They can sometimes be whiney, but most of their songs i LOVE!
  • Beans from Philadelphia, PaI love simple plan and their music its awsome and alot of people can relate to the songs.
  • Alex from New Orleans, LaI think I am thew only one who notices the similarities betweenn the lead singer's voice and that of Weird Al Yankovic.
  • Alyssa from St Jerome, Cahi my name is alyssa thanks for making this site so u could see how much i love ur group
    byebyebye from alyssa
  • Melissa from Toledo, OhSimple Plan is my favorite band ever. I love the music and the lyrics. The guys are sooo funny and sooo nice! They rock!!
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