Perfect World

Album: Still Not Getting Any (2004)


  • A track from Simple Plan's second album, this song is commonly misinterpreted as a breakup song, but in the DVD that came with the album, drummer Chuck Comeau, who wrote the song with lead singer Pierre Bouvier, says it is actually about world events and death - the "perfect world" is one where these things don't happen. When Pierre sings about his "world falling apart," it's on a global level. >>
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  • Simpleplanftw from Coolville, Afghanistanif you had a nickel for everytime there was a song like this you would be broke.
  • Heba from Brisbane, Australiathis is 2 "cool guy"
    simple plan r the best and they do have plenty of talent. i dont like most rock bands but u have 2 b crazy or have different music interests 2 not like simple plan.
  • Rebekah from West Palm Beach, FlThis song definitely includes the thought of "death". One of my friends likes Simple Plan and, honestly, I don't think they're that bad. They make a point in this song.
  • Lauren from Kansas City, MoThis is so definatly about death. but when he says "I could just pick up the pieces but to you this means nothing at all" it could also be seen as you're disapointing your hero. I've been listening to this for 37 hours straight, yesterday I let my hero down and he told me i wasn't good enough. I used to think I was so tough because no one could pin me to the ground, no one could beat me in a fight, except him of course. I was going to beat him in a fight one day, but now... he doesn't look at me the same, and I can't even look him in the eye. anyways, this song describes my life in so much detail, it's like I'm writing it.
  • Melissa from ToledoI think they are great musicians and great guys. They make great music, great lyrics, and they are great guys that deserve more respect than they get. I love them and I don't care if no one else does.
  • Rebka from Crapville, WyThis song is a catasrophe/breakup song. I love it! Definetly one of my favorites. Oh, melissa, one comment is enough.And pierre is NOT hot.
  • Krys from Wallaceburg, Canadathe meaning of the song that was put at the top is wrong. the actual meaning is about world events. it's stated on the CD/DVD
  • Melissa from Toledo, OhThis song is my favorite on their new album! I love the beat and the lyrics it is really good. I love Simple Plan they are my favorite band and they have the best songs that really relate to teenagers and not a lot of bands can do that! I LOVE SP!!
  • Michael from Melbourne, AustraliaIn a perfect world, real musicians would get more mainstram appraisal and four chorders would not.
  • Caroline from Wentworth, NcThis song fits what I am going through right now. My best friend was a cool sporty girl. But she turned her back on me and turned into a prep. I really think that is pretty much what the song is saying, but in the song the friend did not turn into a prep.
  • Melissa from Toledo, OhI Love this song!! I love Simple Plan's songs sooo much!! Thay all relate to me and othe teenagers everwhere!! Pierre is soo HOTT!!! I love him!!
  • Christa from Makati, OtherThis song isn't about a breakup...It's about loss in general...sorry to the so-called "cool guy"
  • Cool Guy from Compton, CaIf I had a nickel for every time there was a song like this, I would be a billionaire. Simple Plan is the same as every single band today. They have no musical talent, they have nothing to be emo about, and they should listen to their parents about their career choices. This band is idiotic and couldn't play a good riff, if their life depended on it. The only reason why most people like them and any other current band is because their "hot". Then they shouldn't be musicians then, they should be models. They are so cliche and can't be original.
  • Melanie from Grand Forks, NdEven though it's about breakups it reminds me of how i'm feeling about my best friend dying.
  • Shong from Wausau, Wii love this song...when pierre and chuck try to write it's a good song
  • Rachel from Raleigh, NcThis is one of my favorite songs!
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