Save You

Album: Simple Plan (2008)
  • This song is about a battle with cancer, which Pierre Bouvier's brother fought. The frontman told "It's about my brother, he went through a two year battle with cancer and he went through numerous chemotherapy sessions and went through a bone marrow transplant and it was really tough time for my family and I. Just going through that and seeing someone so close to you go through that kind of stuff is very difficult. The song is about how I felt powerless in that whole situation. Now he's better, which is great news, but that is probably the song that I feel most connected to."
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  • Grace from Davao City, PhilippinesI feel sad when I heard this song.. I remembered my Grandmother who died because of cancer..
  • Brittany from Townsville, AustraliaThis song is so so so sad, when i found out what it was about i felt like cryin but i didn't...
  • Allie from Cornville, MiWhen I first heard this song, I burst into tears! My mom has cancer, and she's going to die this summer, so I can relate to this song. Love it.
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