Sinéad O'Connor

Dec. 8, 1967
  • Always controversial, the emergence of social media proved very interesting for O'Connor, who in 2011 used blog posts and Twitter to detail her sex life and solicit a boyfriend. The narrative in the media was that she continues to be crazy and mongering attention, but O'Connor explained that she was just "trying to have some peaceful fun."
  • She was born and raised in Dublin. As a teenager, she had a job delivering Kiss-O-Grams.
  • In 1992, she performed Bob Marley's "War," said "Fight the real enemy" and ripped up a photo of the Pope on Saturday Night Live. This caused a major backlash against her. She was later booed off the stage at a Bob Dylan tribute concert.
  • The ultimate single mom, O'Connor has four children with four different fathers. Here's the rundown:

    Son Jake with the drummer John Reynolds. The couple were married.
    Daughter Roisin with the journalist John Waters.
    Son Shane with the musician Donal Lunny.
    Son Yeshua with Frank Bonadio. He was born on Christmas day, 2006; "Yeshua" is the Hebrew name for Jesus.
  • In 2000, she announced in Curve magazine that she was a lesbian. A year later, she was engaged to a man, British journalist Nick Sommerlad. In 2005, she clarified to Entertainment Weekly that she was "three-quarters heterosexual, a quarter gay."
  • She was ordained Mother Bernadette Maria and made a Catholic priest by the Order of Mater Dei. The Catholic church does not recognize women as priests and does not associate with the Order of Mater Dei.
  • In 1990, she refused to have the National Anthem played before one of her concerts in New Jersey, prompting Frank Sinatra to say he would like to "Kick her ass." O'Connor refuses to have national anthems played at her shows because she thinks they have nothing to do with music.
  • She has songs on the soundtracks to The Talented Mr. Ripley, Rugrats In Paris, and You've Got Mail.
  • A character in the British sitcom Father Ted was based on her. The character, Niamh Connolly, played by Alted Images lead singer Claire Grogan, was a denim clad rock singer who had strong feminist views and a bit of an anti-Catholic slant, which put her in conflict with the central characters in Father Ted who were Catholic priests. Sinead is actually a fan of the show, she even came to the recording of the Christmas Special. Arthur Matthews, one of the writers for Father Ted, joked that the show probably had an effect on Sinead becoming a priest! >>
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    Adam - Dewsbury, England
  • Sinead O'Connor is a fully qualified medium. She told Mojo magazine: "I'm even better at mediumship than I am at singing and songwriting."
  • O'Connor announced in October 2018 that she had converted to Islam, and that her new name is Shuhada. She called it "the natural conclusion of any intelligent theologian's journey." According to CNN, her new name means "martyrs" in Arabic.

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  • Marina from Denver, CoChevelle did a cover of her song "Black Boys on Mopeds"... I've never heard the original, but the way Chevelle sings it makes it great.
  • Minna from Joplin, MoI respect her as a true artist. I AM STRECHED ON YOUR GRAVE was ahead of it's time.
  • Kelly Pickford from Chatham, OnSorry everyone but Sinead is not confused at all! She always knew exactly what she was doing, its just to bad that she was misunderstood by the people that don't have a clue. She is one of the greatest female artists of her time and most have missed out on the great music that she has created only because they closed their minds.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScDecember 8th! That's also Jim Morrison's birthday!
  • Paul from Detroit, MiSinead O'Connor is a very confused person.
  • Ken from Dupont, PaQuite possibly the worst entertainer in the history of entertainment.
  • Dejan from Banja Luka, BosniaSinead O'Connor was born on 8th December 1966.According to the Chinese calendar, it was Year of the Horse. That's why she named her VHS movie filmed during her tour in Europe in 1990. Year of the Horse! Since I was a teenager, I adored her music and with every year I love it even more. Her songs literally help the world to go round. Cheers. Dejan, BL.
  • Annabelle from Eugene, OrWasn't Sinead O'Connor actually born in 1966?
  • Panda from Newnan, GaSinead O'Connor is a geat artist it make me sick that this country took her away and cursed her name i love you Sinead O'Connor
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