Champagne High

Album: Fortress (2000)
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  • This is about a guy whose ex-girlfriend who is getting married. He describes how hard it is for him at the beginning of the song with the line, "I never thought it would hurt just to hear 'I do'." He goes on to talk about how hard it was for him to move on, but will still go to the wedding and smile for them - "You're wagon's be hitched to a star. He'll be your thing that's new, yeah what little I have you can borrow, cause I'm old and I'm blue." He then says, "Toast to the future but that'd be a lie," meaning even though they say they are going to be friends he knows it won't happen. >>
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    Katie - Reedley, CA

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  • Barry G. from Gainesville FlI head Ken Block this weekend and before Sister Hazel played the song, he said "This is a song about how sometimes in a life your life goes left and not right and sometimes you are at a wedding of someone you were close to and how this happens in small towns." -more or less what he said.
  • Nathan from Tulsa, OkI think the line "toast to the future but that'd be a lie" just means that he knows he and the girl have no future together.
  • David from Hanove, WvI think this could have several meanings too. The original meaning does have a good story to it, but to me it can mean someone trying to deal with getting over someone they're still in love with. Im going through this right now, and inside its tearing me apart. But, I love her, so whether it be with me or with someone else, I have to smile in hopes that everything works out for her just how she wants. But like "Justin, Grand Island, NE" said, in my heart of hearts I still want to be with her so much. So I guess I'll have to wait it out and see how things go.. This song has eased a little bit of the pain Im going through now. Great song!!
  • Janet from Huntsville, AlI think this song could have many meanings and it just depends on you. What a great band, this song is amazing! I still can listen to it just as much as I did when the CD first came out.
  • James from Arley, AlI think it means that how it is hard to let go of the ones we love. It is hard for us to move on after they find someone else. Because we think we would be happier with that person.
  • Justin from Grand Island, NeI don't think that's what it means. I think "toast to the future, but it'd be a lie" means that he doesn't hope for the best. He hopes they don't make it, because he's still in love witht the girl
  • Steve from Chino Hills, CaThe band is named after a good hearted Catholic sister.
  • Adam from Upstate, NyThis is an amazing song
  • Sam from Troy, AlI don't think "toast to the future but that'd be a lie" is about hoping they'll be friends. At weddings, you typically toast to the future of the marriage, and he's obviously still in love with the girl so he doesn't really wish the best for her marriage to someone else.
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