Purple Lamborghini

Album: Suicide Squad: The Album (2016)
Charted: 61 33
  • This collaboration between Skrillex and Rick Ross kicks off the soundtrack for the comic book movie, Suicide Squad. Ross laces the track with references to the film's storyline.
  • The title and the hook refers to the Joker's car in the movie.

    Ain't no mercy, a-ain't no mercy
    Got that purple Lamborghini lurkin'

    The Joker's car isn't actually a Lamborghini, but a purple Vaydor G35. The switch is a play on Kanye West's "Mercy," a track from G.O.O.D. Music's compilation album, Cruel Summer: "Okay, Lamborghini Mercy (swerve), your chick, she so thirsty (swerve). I'm in that two seat Lambo' with your girl, she tryna jerk me (swerve)."
  • The song's music video features a special cameo from actor Jared Leto as The Joker. Director Colin Tilley explained to Radio.com:

    "The idea of the video came about—you know, Sonny [Skrillex] is one of my good friends–and he'd showed me the record quite a while ago so I was living with it for a while. Finally it was time to do the video so we started talking about different idea and Sonny was like, 'Man, I really don't want to do one of those typical videos where you cut in footage from the movie and then shoot stuff to match it… No, let's shoot all our own original stuff.' He's like,'I'm gonna call Jared and see if I can get him in the video to play The Joker.' And, I said, awesome, let's do it!

    Once I found out it was all good I wrote this concept involving all three of them. For me it was all about capturing that energy. Basically, putting together the ultimate squad and having them mob around. After we put the treatment together and sent it to everyone… next thing you know we're in Miami shooting."

  • So why aren't there any Purple Lamborghinis in the video? Tilley explained: "I feel like 'Purple Lamborghini' is more about a lifestyle than a car. It's more about the thought of mobbing. I want people to think of 'Purple Lamborghini' and be like, I'm gonna go out and mob with my friends whether I'm in a scraper or a nice sports car or just walking down the street. As long as we're mobbing, that's what matters."


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