Coast Is Clear

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  • This song is a collaboration with Chance The Rapper and was recorded at a show on a mobile phone. Skrillex told NME: "Chance The Rapper has actually been a friend of mine for years. He was staying on our couch every time he came to LA, this was before Acid Rap or any of that came out. So he was in Seattle and we were kicking it and we made 'Coast Is Clear' after his show."
  • Skrillex told NME that selling loads of copies of Recess isn't high on his agenda. "I guess what it comes down to is crowd size," he said. "A couple of my tracks, like the Chance the Rapper song, got like 80,000 hits in a week. By the next day, kids were already singing along. So that's the measure of my success, if everyone is singing along and having a good time, that's dope. The record sales are trivial."
  • Skrillex commented to NME: "It's got elegance, but it's dirty and fun too, and the bassline is grimy. One for driving along the coast to a late-night party."
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