I Want To Party

Album: Rebel Music (2013)
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  • SkyBlu celebrates his love of partying on this Rebel Music track. "I mean there so much business in the music business, I just want to party," he explained to MTV News. "I just want to have fun. Life is about having fun. It's about those moments you can't wait to tell your friends when you get back from wherever you were."
  • The song was also inspired by some of SkyBlu's own ups and downs in the music industry. "There's so many issues. Biggie Smalls said it best: 'More money, more problems.' Once LMFAO got huge and everything got so big, there's so many people coming at you telling you what's best for you, what's good for you," he told MTV News. "What's good for you is following your heart, what's good for you is creating music and making people happy. That's what I want to do. I learned money, that ain't the ticket. That's why this album's for free. It's about love, about love for music. It's not about money."


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