Dead Skin Mask

Album: Seasons In The Abyss (1990)


  • This song is about serial killer Ed Gein, who skinned his dead victims and wore their skins as suits, hence the name "Dead Skin Mask." At the end of the song, a voice can be heard saying things like, "I don't want to play anymore, Mr. Gein." and "LET ME OUT!" >>
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    Steve - Denver, CO

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  • Jayjackal from UsaSlayer is the greatest band to ever walk the earth!
  • Guy from 90001 Wasington CountyMr gein
    Mr gein
    Mr gein please let me out
    Mr gein I don't want to play anymore
  • Taylor from Sydney, Australia LOVE this song. Have always been a big Slayer fan, fell in love with it even more when I discovered this influenced Blind Melon in writing 'Skinned'. Legends
  • Gareth from Swansea, United KingdomLove all of you who have never seen Slayer live making fun of Jeff... Given the fact that Tom Araya always introduces this as a love song when they play it! Amazing tune!
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandCody, with the amount of trolls on the net, you can't tell if someone's joking without emoticons.
  • Rabid Savage from Rudolph, WiI'm from central Wisconsin and live only ten minutes away from where Ed Gein's house used to be!
  • Cody from Kansas City, MoThis song is freaky at the end with the little kid talking. And I think Jeff was joking around when he said the song was romantic.
  • Brad from Nocona, TxSlayer is thrash through and through, no way in the ninth circle of Hell would they ever write a sh*ty romantic ballad. They're not Poison, dude.
  • Jesse from Kelowna, BcAre you f--king crazy Jeff, Slayer does NOT write romantic ballads.
  • David from Lakeland, Flone of my favorite slayer tunes. a little slower than most, with a staedy groove. when the girl says LET ME OOOUUUTTT! i get chills dowm my spine. a little fun fact....the texas chain saw massacure, psycho, and silence of the lambs movies were all concepts from the legend of Ed Gein
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandHow is this a ballad Jeff? It's too f--king fast
  • Elsie from San Diego, CaOh em gee, I TOTALLY agree with you, Jeff! It's so weird, but I think this song is SO romantic!
  • Joel from Austin, TxWould have been perfect for Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
  • The Metallican from Guntur, India"Hello Mr.Gein" "Mr.Geeiiiiiin"

    i heard those hallowed voices....

    this song really kicked my ass
  • Jeff from Austin, TxLovely, romantic ballad from Slayer. One of my all time Valentine's Day favorites.
  • Joel from Columbia, ScI have heard this song but can't hear the voice.
  • Joel from Columbia, ScCreepy song to listen to, especially at night. Not really a Slayer fan but some of their stuff is alright.
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