Small Faces

Steve MarriottGuitar, vocals1965-1968
Jimmy WinstonKeyboards1965
Ronnie LaneBass1965-1969
Kenney JonesDrums1965-1969
Ian McLaganKeyboards1965-1969
  • They got their name because they were all under five feet six inches. The face part came from the Who song, "I'm the Face." This showed their mod hipness.
  • Marriott was a former child actor. He played both Oliver and the Artful Dodger in the stage version of Oliver! He died in a fire in his home in 1991.
  • Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane first met in July 1964 at a gig of Marriott's band The Moments, but did not become friends until they met again in 1965 in a London music shop called J60, where they also met Jimmy Winston. Kenney Jones played in The Outcasts with Lane, and the group found Ian McLagan through a music magazine, after Winston had been thrown out.
  • When their first and only #1 "All Or Nothing" hit the charts in 1966, it shared the top spot with "Yellow Submarine" by The Beatles.
  • The band finally split up in late 1968/early 1969, as Marriott had already formed Humble Pie with Peter Frampton, the band did not get on anymore and they felt the press and their audience did not take them seriously as musicians. They played their final gig on the 8th of March 1969 at the Springfield Theatre in Jersey on the Channel Islands. >>
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  • They changed their name to The Faces in 1969 when Rod Stewart and Ron Wood joined. Both of them were from the Jeff Beck Group and both were much taller than the other members at the time, so the band really wasn't small any more.
  • Lane suffered from multiple sclerosis from the late 1970s until his death in 1997. It went into remission when the mercury fillings in his teeth were removed.
  • In May, 1974, the band embarked on a tour they called the "Passing Show." Shows were held under a circus tent, complete with jugglers and fire eaters. It was a bust, and ended in July because it was losing too much money.
  • During a short reunion in 1975, the band filmed videos for "Itchycoo Park" and "Lazy Sunday." Lane quit after those videos, but Marriott, McLagan and Jones recorded two more albums together: Playmates in 1977 and 78 In The Shade in 1978. >>
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  • They were recommended by singer Elkie Brooks to a pub owner who got them gigs throughout London, and made them quite well-known in London before they had a manager.
  • Out of 12 Top-40 singles in the UK, only 1 got to #1: "All Or Nothing" in August 1966.

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  • James from Ragin' Rochester, FlTwice now I have had a copy of their best album (vinyl)"Ogden's Celebrated Nutgone Flake Tobacco".
    Twice I have had them stolen by friends (sic).
    The cover art and fold out slip were special. A round bi-fold insert slip that a used record clerk once tried to pass off as the only round album cover made.
    Happiness Stan was the "B" side about a magical journey to beyond the moon and dangley in search of the meaning of life "if you're very new to it, it aint that hard". "A" side included "Itchycoo Park" and "Lazy Sunday Afternoon" though I do not see Itchycoo listed on web references and the album was released in different versions because of the cost of the insert.
  • Robert from Tweed Valley, AustraliaThe first Rod Stewart album, 'First Step' was released under the name 'Small Faces'. A face was the leader of a mod gang. Lambert made Daltrey into a 'Face', the rest of the Who his 'Tickets'.
  • Fintan from Cheltenham, EnglandThe Small Faces were the Mod band. Too bad they split up that soon.
  • Steven from Congers, NyThe Who used to be called The High Numbers, and I'm the Face is a song by The High Numbers
  • Don from Pittsburgh, PaThe epitomy of stripped-down, British blues-rock. From 1970-1972, the "Faces" were IMO just as good if not better than the "Stones." Pick up the disc"Good boys when their Sleeping" a best of compilation. There's your evidence. You may never hear a band having so much fun at what they are doing. You just don't see or hear band's like the "Faces" anymore. Peace.
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