Bottom Of A Bottle

Album: Smile Empty Soul (2003)
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  • This song is about a man who takes drugs constantly and is told by his girlfriend that he has drug issues and he needs to quit. He doesn't take her advice, and they break up. He gets love from the "Bottom of a bottle," which means he empties a whole bottle of drugs, leading him to be a major druggie. >>
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    Vince - Vista, CA
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  • K from Baton Rouge, LaThis is DEFINITELY about Alcohol.
  • Erik from Brownwood , Txit dosent matter if it is alcohol or drugs. as Ryan said "drugs" is a metaphor for whatever fits for you. it can be anything that consumes your life, drugs money etc. so if you are arguing about weather it is drugs or alcohol it is a pointless argument. just listen to the song and be happy knowing that it is about what ever gives you that feeling that you are needed to be alive. (the bottom of the bottle)
  • Ian from Sodus, NyThe bottle could easily be a bottle of pills too. possibly pain killers?
  • Corb from Yagborough, MeThe proverbial "bottle" spoken in the song would most likely refer to Alcohol. There is a mention of drugs but it's mostly about alcohol.
  • Doug from New York, NyWhat ever it is, its a kick a** song
  • Ryan from Mobile, AlI read somewhere that Sean said that "drugs" is a metaphor for whatever fits for you. It can be anything that consumes your life, whether it be drugs or money etc. He also said he did not want people to judge them based on the band's first single, which is "Bottom of the Bottle."
  • Erik from Somewhere, Pai think the bottle is supposed to be alcohol.
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