• Snoop penned this Bush track with Pharrell Williams. He explained the song's meaning to Pigeons and Planes: "I think we're trying to awake the world and wake everybody up to what's good for you," Snoop said. "You know, it may be weed, it may be just open-mindedness and being aware of the fact that you should wake up. Some of us walk around sleep and don't even know it, so it's really speaking to many minds of those who need to have an awakening."

    "Pharrell, when he gives me songs, we spiritually connect," he continued. "Sometimes I don't even know what the f--k the song means when we're doing it, it takes a minute for the song to live with you and to grow. In the spirit of making music, sometimes we don't understand it until it speaks to you. Then it's like OK, that's why I did it."


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