Sensual Seduction

Album: Ego Trippin' (2007)
Charted: 24 7
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  • "Sensual Seduction" is an edited version of the more explicit "Sexual Eruption."
  • Snoop performs most of the song with the help of a talkbox connected to a keyboard.
  • Snoop Dogg spoke to MTV's Sucker Free about the song and its 1980s old-school-styled video: "The song and the video is just the way I'm feeling right now. I wanted to have some fun. I wanted to do something that was sorta kinda like throwbackish to where it wasn't the same girls, the same cars, the same look, the same everything in the videos that I'm so used to seeing right now, and we're so used to seeing. So what better way than to have a video where I could reflect back on some of the guys I was inspired by - Roger Troutman, Prince, Rick James. These guys influenced me. So this video is just showing love to them and what they done. I actually showed the talkbox because what T-Pain is doing is not talkbox. His is Auto-Tune, which is you sing and then they make your voice sound right in the computer. What I did was I played the notes through the talkbox, that's why I have the tube in there. And that tube that I'm using is a piece that goes to the keyboard which Roger Troutman was known for."
  • Snoop Dogg explained to Artist Direct why he decided to get more soulful on this track: "Shawty Redd from Atlanta had a track down there that was huge, and I wanted something like that, so he and I hooked up and made a hit. I was inspired a lot by Zapp, Prince, and people from that generation. That's why I wanted the video to look like that. Melina [Director] really did her thang on that."
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  • Marcin from C-n, PolandSnoop obviously lied about that he used a talkbox on this one! Autotune - that's what it's called, having a talkbox in the video doesn't make the song recorded on the talkbox.
  • Brandi from Isle, Mni love this song i love to listen to it all the time with my friends i like snoop dog hes a cool dude
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