Album: Fallen Empires (2011)
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  • Fallen Empires is an album inspired by Snow Patrol frontman and chief songwriter Gary Lightbody's childhood in Bangor, Northern Ireland. He told The Sun how the record has delighted his family: "My folks freaked out when they heard it - especially the song Lifening, which is about my dad. I've mentioned my mum a few times in songs but never my dad so he was very chuffed."
  • Lightbody lists the things he most desires from life in this song, which include "to share what I've given, some kids eventually." "That song is really about the line, 'to be a father like my dad'," he told The Guardian. "That's probably the most personal thing I've ever written. I want kids for sure. I wasn't sure men had biological clocks, but I can hear mine so f---ing loudly, it's right behind my eyes. But they rarely let single guys in rock bands adopt, and that's not actually a bad policy, is it? I know that my moral compass is still spinning randomly, but I want to rediscover the playfulness and innocence I had as a kid. That time when I could just round around, covered in mud, laughing out loud and not giving a s--t about anything."
  • Lightbody explained the song's meaning to Billboard magazine: "It kinda boils down what is important in my life and I think it's relatable in that the essence of what truly is important. Family, friends, football and music for me. Trying to remove yourself from what doesn't matter."
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