Open Your Eyes

Album: Open Eyes (2006)
Charted: 26
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  • The song's music video is actually footage from cult classic film C'était un rendez-vous by Claude Lelouch, in which Lelouch drives his car (a Mercedes-Benz) across Paris. In the video, Lelouch drives at very high speeds and doesn't stop once. The film was shot in one take. >>
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    Tom - Beuningen, Netherlands
  • This was prominently featured on The Office in the season 9 episode "A.A.R.M." It plays during a montage of scenes from Jim and Pam's relationship.

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  • Ldpinwv from Usa It also is heard in “The 4400.”
  • Fariha from Dhaka, BangladeshThis song is about two lovers who've grown apart. He says: "And it's beginning to get to me/That I know more of the stars and sea/Than I do of what's in your head" - meaning, he knows more about the rest of the world than her feelings or thoughts.

    "We need to feel breathless with love/And not collapse under its weight" - refers to his desire to feel overwhelmed with love again rather than this relationship feeling like a burden to both of them.

    What I particularly like about this song is the mature portrayal of people drifting apart. This isn't your typical love song where people get suicidal with unbearable anguish. Rather, it paints more of a realistic picture.
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