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  • This features guest vocals from Throwdown singer Dave Peters, who also co-wrote this song and appears in its music video. Cavalera said on his record label's website: "To work with David was a trip. The song's a full assault, and it feels really natural. It's got that uncompromising attitude."
  • Cavalera commented on this track: "It's the closest thing I've done to Pantera. Dave put some killer lyrics to the music. The fast part at the end is my favorite part on the album."
  • The album title was inspired by its cover art. Cavalera explained: "Usually, album titles are inspired by something else, like a movie. The first sketch the artist sent me was amazing. It depicted this crazy guy with six arms holding six weapons. Each weapon represented one of our records. When I got the image, the word 'conquer' just came to me." He added: "To me, it's not about conquering the world. My statement on the record is conquering fear. If you conquer your fear, you conquer life and death. You're truly free when you conquer your fear. So that's why this name means so much."
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