Pretty Noose

Album: Down On The Upside (1996)
Charted: 14 37
  • When asked about the song meaning in an interview, Chris Cornell responded that this is about regretting past decisions. Cornell wrote the music and lyric to the song. >>
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    Bobby - Westchester, NY
  • This is a track from Down On The Upside, which was the last non-compilation album album issued before the band split up (they re-formed in 2010). In Europe, the song was the first single released from the album, but in America is was not sold - just sent to radio stations. This meant that the song was not eligible for the Hot 100, but it did make #37 on the Billboard Airplay chart.
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  • Dewayne from EnglandI totally agree Tom! Cornell's songs totally changed the way I wrote but more in terms of the music than the lyrics.
  • Kayla from Oklahoma City, Ok--Tom: I completely agree.
  • Wes from Ohio, OhJust like Cornell say's in one of his live show's before he kicks into "pretty noose" .."This song is about the bitch ...F--king Bitch" ..Love that version
  • Personman from Seattle, WaI remember back when the video for this song was first released that Chris Cornell likened this song to Fruit Loops, the cereal. "It's about how things that seem great at one point in your life aren't later on. Like how when you're a little kid you can eat a box of Fruit Loops and feel great, but when you're older it just makes you sick."
  • Brian from Vancouver, CanadaI think this songs about a relationship and how the womans misleading ways become the "pretty noose", but thats just my interpretation.
  • Aaron from Palm Bay, FlYeah, if you look closely at the lyrics concerning the silver chain and the other metallic images, I'd venture to say that it has a lot to do with his wife and their divorce. Pretty Noose, Burden in My Hand, and Blow up the Outside World, all talk about these things. It's the story of his life in song. That's what is so awesome about him.
  • Derp from Jackson, Msi think this song is about being mistreated by someone. That someone is hanging you by treating u badly
  • Tom from Cleveland, OhCornell is easily one of the greatest, most underappreciated lyricists ever. I credit him immensely for my growth as a songwriter. I always assumed the song was about the stress that accompanied finding fame as a band. From Cornell's reclusive years as a teen and his bought with alcoholism, Soundgarden's transition from relative obscurity to 'grunge' powerhouse might have been a tad bit overwhelming. I love the cryptic nature of Cornell's lyrics because they open a window for various interpretations. Great song, underrated album.
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