Inside Out

Album: They Want My Soul (2014)
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  • This song was influenced by Dr Dre, whose album 2001 became stuck in frontman Britt Daniel's stereo. "To begin with it was just vocal and piano," he told NME. "Just a melancholy piano rhythm, but it didn't quite work. Just for fun we had Jim (Eno) play a Dre-like drum beat over it. Now it's my favorite track on the album."
  • The song's music video is based on the work of photographer Todd Baxter as we see various images morph into one another. Baxter created the artwork for the They Want My Soul album.
  • Britt Daniel recalled the story of this song to Uncut magazine: "We had a demo that was me singing on top of an eight-note toy piano - I was obsessed with Dr Dre, so this is our interpretation of him."

    "I have this attraction to melancholy in music, the bitter longing in songs," he continued. "On 'Inside Out,' the chord changes alone evoke that."
  • Hunger TV asked Britt Daniel what Alex Fischel from Divine Fits, now playing with Spoon, brought to the sound of the band. Daniel explained: "First of all he's a really funny guy and fun dude to hang out with - he's kind of a wild man on stage - which I knew from playing with him in Divine Fits. But in terms of the record and sound - he can solo - so there are a few solos. You know that song 'Inside Out' has three solos in it? There's real instrumental vibes. I think that's my favorite one. If Alex weren't in the band it would have had a totally different feel. The song started out with me playing eighth note piano - very, very basic - just piano and vocal and although that was really good it just wouldn't have been half or even a quarter as good as it has ended up being." >>
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