Some Fantastic Place

Album: Some Fantastic Place (1993)
Charted: 73
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  • Squeeze guitarists Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford write their songs, with Difford coming up with the lyrics and Tilbrook putting them to music. Difford told us: "'Some Fantastic Place' is an example of a very personal song. It's about a friend of mine and Glenn who died of cancer. She was very responsible for Glen and I sort of sticking together as friends since I was a kid."

    Tilbrook adds: "She was my first proper girlfriend whom I loved very much, and she contracted leukemia. Throughout her illness she was very positive in her outlook and never lost her sense of optimism." (Read more in our interview with Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford of Squeeze.)
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  • Andy from Taunton, MaHey Rauliy, check out this link (
  • Darren from London, United KingdomHi Rauliy Some Fantastic Place was released as a single in the UK in August 1993 and reached number 73 in the UK charts. It was taken from the album of the same name released in September 1993 on the A&M label. This is my favourite Squeeze song and they have written some amazing stuff over the years. Its such a great melody and, being a guitarist myself, the chords sequence is so interesting. I love how it builds from a simple acoustic guitar to a gospel sound, and the songwriters, Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford liken the feel of the song to 'Oh happy day', and 'The More I see you'. Add to this the meaning behind the lyrics about their close friend who died of cancer, this is such a moving song and i always relate it to members of my family who are no longer with us...fantastic song!!
  • Rauliy from Lomg Island, NyWhen was this song written and what C.D did it come out on?
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