Four Walls

Album: Tormented (1996)


  • This is a song about the everyday suffering when trapped inside a depressed, drug-addicted life just staring at the same four walls. In some ways we can all relate to the boring, same-old-day-in-day-out, nothing-ever-changes life just treading water, feeling stuck in the same routine not being able to find a way out. At the end of the song, it appears that the subject has killed himself, as we hear, "It's been like this forever... No more I hate my f--king life" and a gunshot. >>
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    Fred - Mishawaka, IN
  • "Four Walls" is one of Staind's first songs, released on their debut album Tormented in 1996. Even then, they visited dark territory, with lead singer Aaron Lewis writing lyrics that jibe with the album title. This song is especially visceral, with a look inside the mind of a suicidal individual.

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  • Joann from Portsmouth, VaHearing this song and if it is really about the end result of suicide, it really brings back memories to me, but I listened to it anyway, it does not bring closure to a son lost, but I know I live with the finality of what suicide is everyday in my memories of days lost and days gone by, 21 years later, I LOVE YOU RONNIE
  • Cj from Wasilla, AkJust to let everyone know: the dialogue that is mentioned actually happens at the beginning of the album, and more is said throughout. At the end, he says, "There's nothing left for me", and then the gunshot. There is then a hidden track called "The Funeral", making Tormented a concept album about a suicidal individual.
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