Album: 14 Shades Of Grey (2003)


  • This song was written as a tribute to the lead singer of Alice In Chains, Layne Staley. Layne passed away the same day Staind lead singer Aaron Lewis' daughter Zoe Jane was born. Alice In Chains was a big influence on Staind. Aaron felt that Layne's death was portrayed as a typical junkie rock and roll death. He thought Layne's life was never given a proper tribute to his life, and his influence on rock and roll still lives today. This song is an attempt to keep his memory alive.
  • Layne died on April 5, 2002. Eight years earlier on the same day, Kurt Cobain died. Both were addicted to drugs, but Kurt also used drugs to forget his stomach pains. R.I.P. Kurt and Layne. >>
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  • Nutshell from Tennessee Alice and chains has had a HUGE impact in my life and with my addiction. I am young but I’ve been down into the deep end, almost not sure if I could ever reach the surface again. I’ve lost my bestfriend to the addiction that I thought I could never relieve myself of.. him and Layne have a special place in my heart always..
  • Kayla from Oklahoma City, OkGod, Layne Staley deserves a freaking MONUMENT, but this is good too. Just enough that bands like Godsmack and Staind can benefit and make music just as beautiful as Alice in Chains, though nothing will ever beat the original... r.i.p Layne.

    ((This song should've been a single...))
  • Spog Zallagi from Blue Hill, MePersonally, Layne AND Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) are both equally my fav hard rock singers of all time.
  • Spog Zallagi from Blue Hill, MeI first suspected this song was about Layne (before I connected with the name of the song) because of how similar Aaron sang like him. It sounded TOO MUCH like Alice In Chains when I was first listening and I knew something was up.
  • Megan from Almonte, OnLet's hope Zoe becomes a fan of Alice In Chains, it was very respectful for Aaron to write this song for Layne. R.I.P man, R.I.P
  • Nikola from Svilajnac, SerbiaLayne's music have changed my life and I think that I am the biggest fun of Alice In Chains and Layne. It's great to see that other musician like Staind respect this awesome singer and I would like to thank Staind for recogising the most beautiful side of music. Thank you Staind. Layne R.i.p. and like the people in my country say POCIVAJ U MIRU! Nikola, Serbia, Europe
  • Erin from Tulsa, Oki dont care what others say, kurt cobain was good, but layne staley will always be the very best frontman of all time.
  • Joseph Taylor from Canton , Galayne staley maybe be the most underrated lead man off all time. alice in chains were hands down the best group out of seattle and dont get the respect they should get. its nice to see another great artist give them respect
  • Kenne from Phoenix, AzThis was a nice tribute; he didn't feel exactly the way some do, but it's a nice homage.
  • Russell from Cape Town, South Africawhen i first heard this song i was like wtf is aaron trying to do!trying to sound like the late great layne but after a few listens,i realised that aaron is a fan just like me.beautiful song for a beautiful voice.RIP LAYNE!
  • Laine from Detroit, MiThis is a great song, it really pays respects to an awesome musician. People need to take notice!
  • Elisabeth from N/a, Ini love Layne Staley and i really love this song RIP layne
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