Album: Break the Cycle (2001)


  • Staind lead singer Aaron Lewis wrote this song after a woman approached him on his tour bus after a show in Detroit. She explained that her son had committed suicide, and had left tickets for that night's concert behind. Lewis sat in the bus with a stew of emotions going though his head, which he channeled into "Waste."

    The song notes Lewis' sadness and anger over the event; the loss of a young life is personally tragic to him after his own bouts with suicide. This song perhaps highlights and connects Break the Cycle's prevailing themes of parenting and social stresses escalated by broken lines of communication between parent and child. >>
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  • Staind was touched by suicide again in 2001 in an unrelated incident when a fan in Peoria, Illinois, hanged himself while listening to a tape of him singing "Outside."

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  • Benny Multiverse from Southern New EnglandI have been a fan of "Staind" & Aaron Lewis for 20 years now! For me, they are arguably my favorite band, having influenced me deeply & Aaron's words seeming to come right out of my own damn head!!? Its incredible!! Iv related to so much of his music & both of us come from the same neighborhood..central southern New England..Im damn proud to be American & just as proud to be a New Englander!! Obviously Aaron is as well..his music has not only helped me through so much, it has also been playing in the background at times of darkness in my life, having struggled for a while with Suicidal thoughts.iv never made an attempt on my life before but have certainly thought it through a few times.. The song waste Written about a young man who took his own life days before he was supposed to go to a concert to see Aaron and stained play, I don't know about you whoever might read this but? It looks to me if you read the words to the song that at one point Aaron seems to obviously be angry but it seems that he's angry with this boy killing himself!? Basically insulting him and his mother, by saying..and I quote..."f--k him, f--k her & f--k you! For not being strong enough to keep on living? Or maybe I got it all wrong!? what fo do you think?
  • Hilze from Den Haag, NetherlandsI think a lot about suicide, I don't know if I want it, if I can make the jump, I tried it once but I failed. Things went better and I did not think about it that much but now, cause my aunt committed suicide I felt back on my old routine and I can't decide if I am going to make the jump.
  • Cinder81 from Baltimore, MdTo everybody that's saying suicide is selfish and that the person who commits suicide is careless or weak....you don't know what you're talking about!!! I do not promote suicide, however; I'm thirty and have suffered from major depression, crippling anxiety, bipolar personality, OCD, PTSD and about six other mental illnesses since I was eight years old. While some people may kill themselves over what some may call "stupid reasons", the reason was enough for someone to take their life over it, so I doubt the reason was stupid to them. While I agree that there are cases of suicide that seem less "worthy" than other cases, suicide is never an easy thing to do. I have a .45 cal. bullet with a firing pin indentation on the primer I keep with me: only time the gun has ever misfired. I love my wife and my family very much. But there have been times in my life when pain has been so intense and the battles with this pain over so many years builds up to the point of agony; I feel I have nothing left to turn to. When the anguish in my heart and soul is so overwhelming that it outweighs the pain that is going to be caused by my "actions", it is not selfish. When life is no longer life, but just a wretched existence, who are any of you to judge my actions? You may have some of the same problems I have, you may live a painful life as well, but you still are not walking in my shoes, so you don't know what I'm going through. I watched my Grandfather die of cancer of the kidneys and he kept asking for a gun, He banged on the bedposts until he had no more skin left on his palms because the pain would not stop and like me the medicine did nothing. I was only about ten, but I would have given him the gun. And yes, I can relate my inner demons to the likeness of cancer of the heart, soul, spirit and mind. Suicide is not usually the answer, and many songs have saved my life many times. But to say that all suicide is selfish is -unfortunately- wrong! I have people I can talk to, I have a wife and a mother and a father and close friends, but talking doesn't make things go away, it may help some people, but for me it makes things worse. And in the end, they still CAN NOT understand what I'm going through. There is no empathy or sympathy strong enough to ever coming close to what I deal with on a daily basis. I've also played guitar for over twenty years, writing music and poetry is my outlet and has also saved my life. But I never know what terror and agony awaits me from the time I attempt to sleep (which rarely comes), and what horror and pain I'll be going through when I role wearily out of bed to start yet another day. And the worst part is that there are people out there worse than me!!!
  • Jonathan from Los Angeles, CaYeah My Grandfather Died so, Idecatice this song to him :( but, i'm happy to see him in heaven:)
  • Jay from Wheaton, MdThe closest person to me that I know of that has committed suicide was a former co-worker and manager and I did not like her that much when we worked together so I have not had to deal with someone close to me taking their own life. There are so many different reasons for committing suicide, but the one that gets under my skin is when people take their lives 'cuz a boyfriend or girlfriend dumped them. I don't know why but it really makes me mad to think of some dude in his teens or early 20's offing himself over a girl. I just think that is the most selfish thing for a person to take their lives because they love someone that does not love them back. It hurts I get that I'm not made of steel, but seriously how self osorved are you to not take your friends and family into consideration when acting. I'm not trying to offend anyone this is just how I feel so my bad if your offended it's not intentional at all please believe that.
  • Amanda from Centerville, OhThis song means alot to me...i've been through alot of s--t..my mom killed herself when i was an infant, she was a drug and alcohol addict, my grandma adopted me (thank god) up until about 2 years ago i was suicidal myself. Now i'm struggling with a drug addiction.... for me this song discribes all the anger i feel when i think about my mom, and how much i want her to be here with me..
  • Maureen from Phoenix, AzI just want to say, I used to think about suicide a lot, but then I realized, suicide is an insult to those who have been through worse and pulled through.
  • Lynn from Mckinney, TxI made an account just so I could add a comment here. Most of you have no idea what y'all are talking about. Even the person (Sam) who had their friend kill them self. My best friend (my boyfriend as well) killed himself almost 5 yrs ago now and I'm just now really learning anything about it. Suicide is that persons fault, not their parents, and having friends wont help. Tho, parents should watch their kids and realize there is a problem there it is still the persons fault who doing it. They are very selfish and can careless about anyone else feelings. They hurt so many people doing what they do and they don't even think twice.

    on another note, this song is an amazing and angry song... and I think of my best friend every time I hear this song.
  • Kala from Eugene, Orsuicide is selfish and a long term answer to a short term problem. I cant say i haven't thought about it,of course most people do, but to really do it is to only be thinking about yourself and your issues. big or small there is always a better way. I'm not saying that if some one does it they are a bad person, or that they didn't need real help, but it is still never the way to handle anything.EVER.
  • Nathan from Calais, MeI can relate to this song, When it says "I've tasted the cold steel of my life crashing down before me" all I can think of that day when I almost did it. If I didnt have the friends I do I probably would have.
  • Bryan from Phoenix, AzKevin, "Outside" was written before Staind in Aaron Lewis's first band J-Cat with slightly different lyrics. Also the song was first performed live as it is now in 1999 with Limp Bizkit. That song was released before Break the Cycle in 2001. So, the boy could have had access to the song.
  • Sam from Gulfport, MsKEVIN... you dont know that he wouldnt have commited suicide, you didnt know this kid or his parents. his parents could have been the most loving parents who tried reaching out to him and listening to him. who knows if that would have made a difference.
    my best friend commited suicide almost 6 months ago and she knew i was there for her, to listen to her ANYTIME and so were all our other friends. and most of all her MOTHER. her and her mom were extremely close, she told her mom everything. but jade did what jade wanted to do and her parents and us not listening had nothing to do with it because WE DID LISTEN AND MY BEST FRIEND IS STILL DEAD. so how bout you think about other people and maybe their experiences before you go ranting about parents not listening to their kids.
  • Bryant Plummer from Winona, KsI love this band, they are my all time favorite, this song means alot to me, it helped get me out of one of the hardest points in my life
  • Jake from Bettendorf, IaNo, You see he was upset because of his addiction with herion and his thoughts of suicide please note the lyric "I've tasted the cold steel of my life crashing down before me" Is a sign that he would sit in his room with a gun in his mouth(COld Steel) but he got through it so he thinks this little faggot should to
  • Jessie Ann from Purchase, NyNot a staind fan, but this song is great. Kind of shows the different perspectives and views that parents/kids/musicians have when something like that happens.
  • Kevin from Indepence, MoSince "outside" came on the same album as "waste" there is no way that he could have died to outside. Staind is among many who tour the album before it is released, or even is played on the radio.
  • K from Aztec, Nmyeah i have listened to this song numerous times while contemplating life i know where he was coming from
  • Kevin from Indepence, MoNic is right, but the song itself.......was written as a dedication to him, his mother, and his father, because if his parents would have been listening to thier son, and being involved in his life then he would not have commited suicied. I believe that suicide is almost never the fault of the kid.
  • Damian from Welland, CanadaAaron Lewis to me is most likely one of the most influential composers/singers I have heard in my life. Aaron is one of my idols and I would commend him on the decision to write a song about suicide.
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaThis is my favourite, and the saddest Staind song. I especially like the part at the end where he just starts screaming and basically saying "when things get rough, you just don't go and commit suicide"
  • Sarah from Niagara Falls, CanadaThe song that the fan was listening too and deeply effected by was called 4 walls "Nothing to this life I live, same four walls"
  • Zac from Drexel, MoNic is right
  • Nic from Mary Esther, Flto add on to the first coment if I may.......Before a show Aaron Lewis was approached by the mother of the kid who killed himself. She asked questions. One of them being why her son had killed himself listening to a Staind song off of their first album.
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