No One Is Lost

Album: No One Is Lost (2014)


  • Lead singer/songwriter Torquil Campbell explained during the release party for No One Is Lost that whilst the record isn't a Christmas album, he sees a comparison. The titanic title track finds him singing:

    Put your hands up, 'cause everybody dies

    Asked by Billboard magazine how such lyrics reflect the most wonderful time of the year, he replied: "Well, it's like singing 'Auld Lang Syne,' right? That's what New Year's Eve is about – acknowledging that everybody dies, and that you're one step closer to it ... and hoping that you're going to be the exception."

    "That blind faith is what keeps everybody going, that joy in the face of despair."
  • Campbell explained the meaning of the song's music video. "Our little movie is about time, and how fast it passes, and whether you should keep doing what you do until you die, or try something else before it's too late," he explained to Billboard magazine "You will see some lovely footage of Mexico City, a couple of semi-hilarious/semi-depressing conversations, and Amy (Millan, vocals) channeling Meryl Streep."


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