Bula Bula Quo (Kua Ni Lega)


  • This is the closing track of disc one of Status Quo's thirteenth studio album Bula Quo. The record's release coincided with the band's comedy action movie of the same name. It told the story of Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt's trip to Fiji and how a journey that started with guitars ends up with guns. In our interview with Rossi, he admitted that the band didn't set out to make an album round the movie: "I went and did the movie and they said to us, 'There'll be a soundtrack.' And I immediately thought, 'Soundtrack? That's probably to do with a band.'"

    He added that the soundtrack experience was very different from what they were used to: "I'd normally try and write 25, 30 tracks for an album project and use six or seven or eight, and this time I managed to get two. But whilst we were there doing the movie, ideas actually came about from the movie, because we weren't tied by the normal parameters of a rock band's album - it was a soundtrack album. So we ended up with nine or ten brand new tracks, which we didn't expect. I didn't expect it to happen like that."
  • The song was released as Status Quo's 100th single release, 45 years after Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt released their debut 45, "Pictures Of Matchstick Men."


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