Edge of Goodbye

Album: Steel Magnolia (2011)
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  • Meghan Linsey originally met Joshua Scott Jones when she was working at a Nashville karaoke bar. Not only did they become a couple but they went on to become the successful Country music duo, Steel Magnolia. This break-up tune was the first song the pair wrote together. When we spoke with Joshua Scott Jones, he told us, "It's kind of ironic the first song that we wrote together and it's a breakup song. We keep everything out there. We don't really lie about anything."
  • There was a third writer on this song: their friend Julie Moriva. Says Jones: "Julie has been a writer and she'd been coming back and forth to Nashville for probably 7 or 8 years. At that point she'd already been coming for 3 or 4 years. We stayed up late writing that song. I mean, way into the a.m. And we wanted to finish it that night, and we finished it all in one session. But I think it was an 8 hour project. Then for about a year and a half after that we were re-working it to where it finally got to where it is now. So it's one of the songs that it took a long time to really get the formula for it down, how we wanted to sing it.

    And as far as where I sing, where Meghan sings, and then just whether it was going to be verse/chorus, verse/chorus/bridge, I think we played around with that for a long time. But I remember when we first started writing it, Julie had said, 'Well, this doesn't sound like a country song. I want it to be a country song.' And that was a little argument that we had gotten into about the song, just because it had this rap feel to it. The meter of it in the beginning, it's kind of fast and off the beaten path. But it worked out well."


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