I Feel Pretty

Album: Save Yourself (2015)
  • Not to be confused with the much earlier number from West Side Story, this 21st Century song was written by Canadian songwriter Steph Copeland who performed it on the soundtrack of Save Yourself, a horror film for which it is very thematic.

    Five young female film-makers fall victim to a strange man who speaks to his wife in a mixture of English and German. They are murdered one by one in a series of gruesome experiments. It becomes clear that they are the grandchildren of Nazi sympathizers who had likely escaped occupied Europe after the Second World War, but at the end the shocking truth is revealed, they were actually the real thing, he was a Nazi scientist who had developed some sort of bizarre formula that retards the aging process. The one of the five who escapes after killing the last of their captors feels pretty because she had stolen a phial of his formula, which is where the film ends. The song plays out thematically over the closing credits. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England


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