Sinkin' Or Swimmin' With You

Album: Slide On Over Here (2009)


  • Like many great Blues musicians, Azar is influenced by the Mississippi Delta, where he grew up. It can be a very sensual place, and perfect for a song about a relationship. In our interview with Steve Azar, he told us: "My wife loves that song. I'd had the idea for that song for a while, just kind of sitting with it. There's that delta side of me - thinking about the river, and relationships, and how with a great relationship you're up and down, you're drowning and you're floating. It's all a process, and how you get through it and how you get better at a relationship. So Josh Kelley and I were outside of House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. And it was Darius Rucker and all his boys, and Sony and the guys, and Mark and Dean, and we do their event every year. So I was outside the bus, and I started telling Josh about the song, and I started singing it, and he started singing it with me, and then we met back in Nashville and it was written. It was just one of those moments."
  • When we spoke with Josh Kelley in 2011, we got his take on co-writing this song. Said Kelley: "Steve and I met, randomly enough, it's because of a celebrity golf tournament, this whole weird little underbelly world where you can go and play celebrity pro-am's before pro tournaments and stuff. And it's the most fun thing ever, because a lot of the same guys do it every time, because there's only so many celebrity golfers. I mean, there's probably more nowadays. But it's like this weird little underbelly world that's fun to be a part of and I just kept on seeing Steve. And we were at the Hootie and the Blowfish event called Monday After the Masters. We were backstage and we just kind of hit it off and we started coming up with ideas, because I'm always carrying a guitar around. I just walk around with the damn thing all the time. And Steve, he started coming up with this idea and we had it ready to go.

    I lived in Nashville at the time. And when I got back home I called up Steve and said, 'Let's finish this song.' He came over to the house and I recorded a demo of it and the next thing I know he sent me the record. (laughing) He said, 'It's on the album, dude.' He didn't even tell me. He didn't even tell me he was going to record it or anything. I think that was my first… wait - that was my first country cut! Oh my God!"


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