Love Don't Run

Album: Love Don't Run (2011)
Charted: 78


  • This single from Country music artist Steve Holy's third studio album was written by Ben Glover, Joe Leathers and Rachel Thibodeau. It was the singer's first Top 40 hit on the Country charts since "Men Buy the Drinks (Girls Call the Shots)" in 2007.
  • Holy wasn't first choice to record the tune. He explained to Nashville Music Scene: " It's kind of crazy because we went into the studio to cut four songs that we had written, and the label pitched 'Love Don't Run' to me. Then it turned out, right after they gave it to me that said I couldn't cut it. They said that Ronnie Dunn has it on hold and he's cutting it. And for whatever reason, it ended up not working out for him and we ended up getting it."
  • Holy discussed the song's meaning with Nashville Music Scene: "'Love Don't Run' is basically a 3 ½ minute explanation of why love should persevere over anything and everything. And it's not just limited to any one thing or person; I think it's a universal message. At least that's what I got out of it."
  • Holy filmed the song's music video at the elegant Cheekwood estate in Nashville. He read the treatment about three days before the shoot and took a break from his tour to film it. "Videos are one thing that I've never focused on. I've been on the road for nine straight months, non-stop," he told CMT News. "My management team said, 'This is a great story,' and so did the label. Watching the video, it takes a different angle, and I think it's wonderful. To me, it looks like a piece that should be around forever -- minus me in the video. The actors were unbelievable. They did all the work. I was out there for 12 minutes."


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