Cheaper Than Free

Album: In Your Dreams (2011)


  • This song finds Nicks and producer Dave Stewart singing, "What's more important than freedom?/Being needed." She explained the inspiration for the song to Spinner UK: "We went to Village Recorders [in L.A.] to do our basic drum and bass tracks, and Reese Witherspoon came down. Dave was going to be taking a week in Nashville to do some recording, and she said, 'Well, I have a condo there, and if you want to stay there, you can.' I said, 'That would be cheap, Dave.' And Reese said, 'What's cheaper than free?' And Dave Stewart and Stevie Nicks looked at each other and went, 'Oh my God! What a great country song this could be.'"

    Nicks continued: "I thought it was going to be a tongue-in-cheek goofy song, and it ended up to be anything but. We were both very surprised. I believe in my heart that that song will live on forever. I said to everybody, 'We have to really treat this song with kid gloves, because this may be the best song that Dave Stewart and Stevie Nicks ever does.'"


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