Album: Hotter Than July (1980)
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  • This song appears on Stevie Wonder's Hotter Than July album released in September of 1980. It was the 4th single released and barely made it to the US chart but is now looked at as probably the greatest love song by Wonder, an artist known for his amazing ballads. The song is performed with piano, bass and voice only and deals with a person that suspects his lover of cheating on him.
  • Musically, Wonder uses minor 7th, 9th and 11th chords to make the song sound more heartwrenching and sad. The final key change in the chorus is again a breakthrough musically for Pop music in the way that it modulates from the original key up 3 keys higher. It finally ends in yet another minor key leaving the listener wondering if the inevitable breakup of the couple has occurred or has the lover singing the song decided to stick it out, suffering and all. >>
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  • The R&B group Jodeci scored their biggest hit when they recorded this song in 1993, taking it to #4 in the US.
  • Jodeci performed this during a guest appearance on the sitcom Martin in the 1993 episode "Hollywood Swinging: Part 2."
  • Rapper Rick Ross sampled this on his 2008 single "Here I Am."

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  • Rick Medina from DelawareThis songs show the true genius of Stevie. Being blind and writing "Lately, I've been staring in the mirror
    Very slowly picking me apart" and "But what I really feel my eyes won't let me hide
    'Cause they always start to cry" The insight to capture the true feelings of this situation, Amazing!
    And then there is "All in love is fair".
  • Mo from Mesa ArizonaI can't help but wonder if this song is from experience...or am I being naive?
  • CathyrosemongoliaI'm a child of the 60's and never heard this amazing song till today. Stevie is the best!!
  • Marcos Aurélio from BrazilThis song is so sad, but i love the way who stevie wonder sing
  • Asksharon from CanadaThis has become one of my favorite songs.
  • Leonardo V from West Palm Beach, FlAnd this song goes to show that husbands are the last ones to know when your wife is cheating on you. I learned that the hard way. My whole family knew, except me. But little things here and there gave me a hint she was up to something: spending less time with me, not eating at the table with me, and so on and so forth. What a pity. But time is a great healer, and now that a new year begins, memories are coming back. Let's not repeat the same mistakes, and let us learn from the past.
  • Arik from Brussels, -Truly heartbreaking song indeed, one of the saddest I heard.
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