Album: Audio Secrecy (2010)


  • Frontman Corey Taylor penned this song about the end of his marriage to his wife for three years Scarlett Stone. He told Kerrang! "This is the tail end of the last three songs (on Audio Secrecy). It's the stage after it's stopped burning really hot and you see that you're not meant for each other and you walk away. It's doing what's right for you, instead of doing what's easy."
  • Taylor expanded on this song to Artist Direct: "That's a very melancholy song. It's deceptively sweet, and yet it's dealing with subject matter that I don't think anyone's ever really talked about. It's about that all-consuming passion that hits you out of nowhere, but miles down the line, you realize that it's a negative passion. There's really nowhere to go from there, so you have to make a choice whether you're going to be strong, walk away, be by yourself and heal in that respect. Or, you stay in that situation and pummel and destroy yourself, which a lot of people are so quick to do. A lot of people would rather stay in a bad relationship because it's comfortable and it's what they understand. They're more scared of the unknown. They'd rather stay in that dynamic than walk away and do what's right for them at the end of the day. That song is about having the strength and courage to walk away from that and be a better person because of it."


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