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  • The lyrics were inspired, in part, by an unfortunate news story in Stone Temple Pilots' hometown of San Diego, California about a missing young woman who was later discovered dead by local law enforcement ("And I feel, when the dogs begin to smell her...").

    At a concert in Columbus, Ohio on May 17, 2008, lead singer Scott Weiland said that he and STP drummer Eric Kretz wrote the lyrics in a hot tub after hearing the story. Weiland has described the song as "a metaphor for a lost obsessive relationship."
  • This was STP's breakthrough hit off of their major label debut album. Like all of their songs of the era, it is a band composition. When Songfacts spoke with drummer Eric Kretz in 2013, he said it was a very collaborative and energetic time for the band in terms of songwriting. "There was enthusiasm and excitement and everyone was in the room and participating creatively, artistically," he explained. "It's the most fun time to be in a band when everyone has the same ideas and everyone has the same goals."
  • Bassist Robert DeLeo came up with the riff for this song in the back of a U-Haul truck the band was using for a local tour. The song's instantly recognizable chord structure was inspired by DeLeo's love of ragtime music.
  • The most widely broadcast version of this song is an acoustic rendition that starts with Scott Weiland saying, "This is a song called 'Plush.'"

    Thanks to "Sex Type Thing," the group was invited on the MTV metal show Headbangers Ball for an interview. Guitarist Dean DeLeo suggested that he bring his acoustic guitar so they could perform this song on the show, and the network agreed.

    The show was recorded on December 5, 1992 after the band had finished a month of concerts opening for Rage Against the Machine. They took a plane to New York and ingested some pills to help them sleep. When they got to their hotel, DeLeo and Weiland both got sick, but they made it to the MTV Studios for the 6 a.m. taping, as Weiland recalled, "high as zombies."

    In this altered state, DeLeo and Weiland performed the song, delivering a far more relaxed and poignant version than is heard on the album. This version also turned out to be quite radio-friendly, and lots of stations started playing it. This version made #39 on the US Airplay chart on August 14, 1993 and stirred a great deal of interest in the band, although listeners who bought the Core album expecting similarly mellow fare were in for an unpleasant surprise.

    In America, no singles from Core were made available for purchase, since Atlantic Records liked selling $16 albums more than $2 singles.
  • The title never appears in the lyric, which is also true of the Core tracks "Sex Type Thing" and "Naked Sunday."
  • The line, "Where you going with the mask I found?" is often misheard as "Where you going with the master plan?" >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Elliot - St. Louis, MO
  • Scott Weiland told the English music publication NME that the band's name came from Scientifically Treated Petroleum - petrol. He explained: "STP came from the image of STP oil treatment, which was always a powerful image. Richard Petty, the famous NASCAR racing driver, had the STP logo on his car and he was always a sort of renegade. We were Shirley Temple's Pussy but we had to change. I think it was Dean (Deleo - STP guitarist or Robert (DeLeo - STP bassist) who said, 'How about Stereo Temple Pirates?' and then we decided on Stone Temple Pilots. It wasn't a very quick process."
  • This won the 1993 Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance with Vocal. It's the group's only Grammy win.
  • Core was the only STP album where vocalist Scott Weiland was identified only by his last name. Some critics took this as a sign of pretense, mocking it in reviews that compared the band unfavorably to the likes of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Nirvana. With many grunge bands being snatched up by record labels and foisted on the public at this time, it's understandable why critics were wary, but the Core album would later be vindicated as a classic of the era.
  • The video was directed by Josh Taft, who also did the videos for "Sex Type Thing" and "Lady Picture Show." The "Plush" video got a lot of airplay on MTV and earned Stone Temple Pilots the MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist in 1993.
  • When they made the Core album, Stone Temple Pilots were motivated by fear they wouldn't get a chance to make another one. "When you get signed to a major label, it's scary, and you don't know what's going to happen next," Robert DeLeo told Songfacts. "So it was great that that first record allowed us to make a second one, and a third one. I look at that as a really good time right then. Ambitious."

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  • Dan from Los AngelesYes this song came out way before 2008 I remember hearing it when I was in elementary school in the late 90’s-early 2000’s I don’t know why they are saying it’s about a murder in 2008 if it came out in the early 90’s unless it was a premonition?
  • Ty from AusCheating woman
  • Chris from Germany Sounds like EVEN FLOW by pearl jam
  • Thelittleredhen from Seattle, Wa UsaThe "PLUSH" video that was awarded an MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist in 1993 was shot at The Little Red Hen, a honky tonk dive bar in Seattle's Green Lake neighborhood located at 7115 Woodlawn Ave NE, Seattle 98115. That same stage is still going strong every night of the week!
  • Cecilia from UsaPeople, a little research would clear up your questions
    Also watch the acoustic version video- He clearly sings "Where you going with the MASK I FOUND" NOT mastiff hound. OY!
  • Louise from UkI always thought this song was about a guy who murdered a girl in her bedroom (possibly raped her) and was talking to himself in the mirror afterwards in anguish :-
    "And I feel that time's a wasted go
    So where ya going to tomorrow?
    And I see that these are lies to come
    Would you even care?" - he's annoyed that he has to start lying now asking if she would even care about the crap he has to do now.
    "Where ya going for tomorrow?
    Where ya going with that mask I found?" - asking himself what he's going to do now and that he's going to have to wear a mask for the rest of his life.
    "When the dogs begin to smell her
    Will she smell alone?" - will someone find her body or not?
    "And I feel, so much depends on the weather
    So is it raining in your bedroom?" - will the rain wash the evidence away, he doubts it as the murder happened in her bedroom.
    "And I see, that these are the eyes of disarray
    Would you even care?" - he's in pain and wondering if she would care about that
    "When the dogs do find her
    Got time, time, to wait for tomorrow
    To find it, to find it, to find it" - he thinks he has time to find the murder weapon before the police do. That's how I always imagined this song to be about. Little did I know though, that this was a real story about a murder. I'm not sure the real details though - a poster below said it was about Amanda Gaeke. Any citations on that?
  • Jubjub from UsaI believe the girl in the song is Amanda Gaeke.
  • Eric from AzNick in Seattle...
    drugs are bad.
  • Chris from Greenville, Nc"And I feel so much depends on the weather, so is it raining in your bedroom?" I believe this is about her possibly being on her period or bipolar? haha. Two really different things but I believe he's saying like she's so up and down with her attitude it "depends on the weather" another metaphor. "SO is it raining in your bedroom and I see that these are the eyes of disarray." A couple things. Raining in her bedroom, she's possibly upset with the sex life, or is she just sad about something? Idk. Again just my thoughts. The eyes of disarray, she cant believe it, she's not happy. And again it goes to would you even care? Just my thoughts, carry on.
  • Chris from Greenville, NcAlso in the first verse he says "So where you going til tomorrow and I see that these are lies to come, would you even care?" Where is she going he asks...but he knows she's cheating or being unfaithful so he's just waiting for the lies to come out of her mouth, she clearly doesn't care, hence "Would you even care?" "Where ya going with the mask I found?" okay this one is tough to decipher but I believe he's saying where's the girl I met? She must've changed along the way, using "mask" as a metaphor for who she used to be. "And I feel and I fear when the dogs begin to smell her, will she smell alone?" I fear and I feel that she's unfaithful and I know if put to the test, she's lying.
  • Chris from Greenville, NcThe song can not possibly be about the kidnapping people are talking about because the kidnapping took place in 08 and the song came out in 93. As far as the "Mastiff Hound" lyric. If you listen to the acoustic version of the song, there is no possible way that you could think Scott is saying "Where ya going with the mastiff hound?" It is CLEAR that he says "where ya going with the mask I found?" Now obviously we can all interpret the lyrics in a different way but since everyone is giving their opinion I guess I'll give mine. This is one of my favorite songs and I believe it is about an unfaithful relationship. "And I feel the times a wasted go" why am I even trying to work this out with you when you dont even care? "Would you even care?"
  • Dawn from Melbourne, Fland, according to the lyrics on the CD jacket, the line is "where you going with the mask I found?" not that crap about the mastif hound lmao
  • Dawn from Melbourne, Flto the person(Jazz in Toronto) that believes the song is about Chelsea King, a girl that was killed in San Diego 2008 ...considering that the song was on an album that was released in 1992, it seems pretty impossible.
  • Donald from Blabbottsford, Bcthe line is "where ya going with the mastiff hound?" not "where ya going with the mask I found?". Have a listen carefully and you'll see.
  • Donald from Blabbottsford, Bcyes it is about the missing womaan who turned out to be murdered. A lot of people I find are getting that one line mixed up. It is not "where ya going with that mask I found?" Remember this song is about a missing girl that turned up dead. The line is "where ya going with that mastiff hound?". Next time you hear it listen carefully and you will be amazed if you do not believe me.
  • Allan from Nuneaton, United Kingdomthere seems to be some contention with the lyric "where you going with the mask i found " to me it reads as if he knows where she is going,but she is masking her true intention ...claiming to be going out with a (female) friend
  • Maurice from Meriden, CtEverybody influences everybody. Even Beethoven shows his influence from Haydn. Elvis was influenced by Robert Mitchum. Plush is the best damned rock tune done down to this day (1992-present). It won the Grammy award for "Best Hard Rock Performance with Vocal" in 1993. 'Nuffsaid.
  • Mike from Ontario, CanadaPerhaps the song was inspired by two separate stories, bridging the two together with one reconciled meaning. We've all experienced sour relationships that break apart and are painful to watch. It feels like your heart has been torn from your chest and you're dying a slow agonizing death. But then you reach over to your morning paper and start reading about an innocent girl who experienced 15 min of hell before having her life stolen from her body. It puts life into perspective. As the dogs begin to find this poor girl, you and I still have tomorrow to find the girl of our dreams. Suddenly the sour relationships that consume our lives don't seem so bitter to swallow anymore.
  • Jazz from Toronto, OnAccording to Wikipedia and a VH1 interview with Scott Weiland it's about a girl that was kidnapped and raped (or attempted rape) just outside San Diego on May 13 2008. It's loosely based on it so I looked it up. They also wrote it while very high in a hot tub after hearing the news story.

    17 year old Chelsea King was found around that date. The images the news put out are of cadaver dogs trying to 'sniff' her out in a wooded area. Grisly but true. It's a pretty well broadcasted case as she apparently was a decent person. The guy that killed her had been in prison for five years previous as he had molested a female neighbour which was very close to where King's body was eventually found.

    I still like the song though...I had heard of both at the time even up in Canada. It was all over Canadian news channels which was surprising since most US stories don't make it onto CBC.
  • Tj from Boston, MaThis is a great first-person song about killing a girl.. almost as good as the Toadies "Possum Kingdom" Both songs make you wonder if the singers actually identify with the killers that they are portrying in their songs... and perhaps some listeners feel the same feelings.
  • Karl from Ingatestone, United Kingdomi brought the Stone Temple Pilots debut album Core from HMV Chelmsford and i had phone calls from Irish fans of Stone Temple Pilots telling me to play the album in full.
    legendary song from a legendary post-grunge act
  • John from Beltsville, MdYears ago STP was on the Howard Stern show and I clearly remember Howard telling Weiland that he thought the song was about a guy killing his girlfriend and cadaver dogs searching for her. Weiland said something like "wow, you got it."
  • Nick from Seattle, AlbaniaNirvana > Pearl Jam > STP. case closed
  • Kayla from Oklahoma City, Ok--Ted, Ryan: I agree. The acoustic version of this song almost brought tears to my eyes, it was so awesome. But the non-acoustic is also amazing. I don't fully understand the hating on STP -- they are one amazing band. Fifty times better than Pearl Jam ever was or ever could be!
  • Franki from Mars, Id"Plush" is a timeless classic! It was ahead of it's time when it first came out. A lot of popular radio stations still play the song at least three or four times a day as if is a new song. I never agreed with the criticism against the band when they first became known all over. "CORE" is one of the best records ever.
  • Jeremy from Columbus, GeorgiaWhen I first heard this song, I picked through a lot of the lyrics and I sorta figured that it was about someone who had been murder. I had picture cadaver dogs sniffing out a dead body....
  • Mark from Dartmouth, NsG, Potomac, MD : " the guy who used to be in the Gin Blossoms who claimed he wrote Hey Jealousy and then killed himself."

    Doug Hopkins did indeed write 'Hey Jealousy.' There's no dispute about that.
  • Joe from Philadelphia, PaI originally had heard this song was nothing more than drug induced gibberish.
  • Ryan from Abingdon, Vathe acoustic version of this song is the best DAMNED song in the history of grunge/alternative/Seattle, whatever you want to call it. i dare anyone to say otherwise
  • Austin from Smallsville,new England, --At the time S.T.P was recieving negative reviews for cashing in on the grunge scene. But neverless they were wrong as the S.T.P catalog can still be heard on Alternative rock stations.
  • G from Potomac, MdIf you write a song, COPYRIGHT IT!! It takes about 2 minutes to fill out the PA form and costs $45 for each collection of songs you send in. Reigster with ASCAP! If someone steals your song, it's your fault. Back up your claim, tell it to the judge. It's amazing how all these people pop up when a song becomes popular like the guy who used to be in the Gin Blossoms who claimed he wrote Hey Jealousy and then killed himself or all these frauds who like to claim the Beatles stole Eight Days a Week from them with NO PROOF whatsoever. We're talking studio writers who were intimately familair with publishing and copyrighting procedures and could easily have copyrighted the material if they had actually written it. Boo hoo.
  • G from Potomac, MdThis is similar to Even Flow how? You're thinking of Even Flow and Voodoo Chile, same riff. As pointed out, Plush and Even Flow have almost no similarity in any way.
  • Troy from Sioux Falls, Sdanybody think about drug dogs raining in your bedroom....shes time to wait(prison) let me know whatyou think
  • Michael from Perth, AustraliaThe "dogs begin to smell her" line always gave me a mental image of some dobermans smeeling their master coming home and going to greet her. Maybe like a runaway grilfriend finally coming home or something.

    "And I feel that times a wasted go
    So where ya going to tommorrow?
    And I see that these are lies to come
    Would you even care?"

    "And I feel it
    And I feel it"

    "And I feel it
    And she feels it"

    "Where ya going to tommorrow?
    Where ya going with that mask I found?
    And I feel, and I feel
    When the dogs begin to smell her
    Will she smell alone? "

    especially about the dogs smelling her. and if she will smell alone. i figured it meant if the dogs will smell drugs on her, and if they didn't she would smell alone.

    but i guess i was wrong!
  • Gaute from Oslo, NorwayTo me, this is a song about a relationship breaking apart, maybe jelaousy and maybe unfaithfulness, as narrated by the person who is hurt by (what he belives to be?) his girlfriend having an affair or drifting away from the relationship with the narrator. Jealousy comes to my mind because of the narrator always wanting to know where his girlfriend is all the time, and clearly wanting to spend more time with her, than she wishes to spend with him (I am assuming a male narrator here since the song is written and performed by Scott Weiland). It seems to me that he thinks she is lying to him, making up excuses in order to avoid spending time with him. (Not only in the bedroom, but yes, that as well :) ) The reason why I think he is under the impression that she is having an affair is because of the line "will she smell alone". It's unclear wether the assumptions of the narrator are true or not. Hence my interpretation that this song is about a relationship breaking apart, more than anything else really. He is suspicious but his suspicions are neither confirmed nor preven wrong in this song. He leaves it up to the audience to decide wether it is him being jealous or her being unfaithful. IMO a very polite way to scold someone if you suspect their unfaithfulness, but are unable to prove it. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if this story is about something he has experienced in his own life, as this sort of break-up is as common as they get, but it hurts none the less
  • Erik from Brownwood , Txplush has my all time favorite riffs. i play a little and this is the one i really want to learn. but creep is a great song why is it not on here???
  • Kevin from Springfield, PaThe acoustic version of this song is awesome. Its BETTER than the original version. You can find it on the Thank You greatest hits cd.
  • Seamus from Cloumbia, CtThis song rocks i have always heard "master plan" as well
  • Jill from Dumfries, VaI agree spog,
    interstate love song is my favorite song of all time.
    i like days of the week too.
  • Julia from Www.myspace,com/juliamusicnote, Mohaha, i always have heard "master plan" i'll never be able to change it to "mask i found..."
  • Spog Zallagi from Blue Hill, MeI love Plush and Creep equally. Both are my fav songs on Core. Interstate Love Song, Big Emptry are my favorite Purple songs. Tiny Music, No. 4, and Shangri La Dee Da are all different from STP's earlier stuff but are just as good. They just go to show how much the band has developed and tried different styles of music. And doing good if I do say so myself.
  • Jim from Seattle, Wabeing from seattle i take great pride in grunge being the Seattle sound. nirvana may as well have been from seattle. aberdeen is not that far off and they got famous in seattle. and it is true that all grunge bands influenced each other. that is why they are grunge. they influenced eachother until they had created a unique sound. all this being said, GRUNGE IS DEAD. it was great while it lasted but its time is over now. i still love listening to all that stuff though. but hell yes for seattle. and scott from ptown is an idiot. STP is a California band, not from seattle.
  • Jim from Seattle, Waonly song of theirs you hear on the radio. its good but not my favorite on Core. the best song on the album is creep. plush is overplayed. STP rocks
  • Ben from Whittier, Cathis song is the most amazing song of any other grunge or 90' song greatest song i ever heard!
  • Scott from Ptown, InThis is one of the best grunge songs ever. I'm just amazed at the talent Seattle churned out in the early 90's. STP has to be right there near the top.
  • Rc from Torreon, MexicoSTP Core's is one of the best grunge albums, and is the more complete in terms of number of good songs, everyone here accept that some songs are ripoffs from Soundgarden and Pearljam, but who cares!! the songs are pretty good!! and has this grunge anthem called Plush.
  • Pete from London, EnglandI associate this song with some of the best few months of my life. Drunken dancing, and getting off/making out with girls in the indie clubs of Camden, London, around the time it was released. One of the few songs that can make me feel horny and tearful at the same time. :) Now I see the lyrical content, its kind of poured cold water on my ardour, but made me love it all the more.

    One of my all time favourites, and a defining moment in the indie/alternative genre.
  • Rita from Kona, HiPlease help me with this as I really think I could be right (of course)...
    The lyrics " Where you going with that mask I found"; I have listened several times to the accoustic version of this song, and I don't think it's "mask I found", but rather
    "mastif hound", as in a search dog. Given the explanation of the song's origin (which, by the way I was't aware of until I came across your site), I believe this could be a truly accurate interpretation of the words. I obviously don't have an original copy of the CD, and no lyric site gives any other options. So.... I guess I'm asking you to take a challenge and really find out the truth for me. Either way, please let me know and ease my (clearly) obsessive mind.
  • Seth from Hebron, KyThey were more influenced by bands like Led Zeppelin, Beatles,"The Doors and ragtime guitar" they said so themselves
  • Renee from South Lyon, Mihmmm you kids get silly about it all.. the wonderful thing about music is that it can mean whatever you want it to. take you to a different place, relate to it and hold on to that feeling and musical journey you embrak on aeh? in terms of this specific meaning what gabriel says makes much sense. but looking at the lyrics can't you see what it is anyways? it us anything and everything .. all perspective you know? i love this song.... acoustic or no. its just an emotional and well produced production. blah blah blah about nrivana and pearl jam's influence.... what does any of the minor b.s like that matter? are you missing the point? that its music pur out there for you to be able to connect with.. aeh? so don't let all the silly stuff get you... in the words of tim leary, turn on, tune in, drop out. :)
  • Seth from Hebron, KyNot a single Nirvana song can hold a candle to Plush. The guy on "Rock Star: Supernova" completley ruined it and got an ENCORe. That's BS.
  • M from Salt Lake, UtI came across the acoustic version a short while back... love it! Love both versions! I play guitar and HAD to figure out the chording to the acoustic version. If anyone is interested i would gladly pass along the chording.
    Matt, slc, ut
  • J from Norfolk, VaPLUSH ROCKS!!!
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandElliot, St Louis... Nirvana Were From Aberdeen in Washington - NOT Seattle
  • Dan from Sydney, AustraliaThe acoustic version is amazing
  • Darrell from Greenville, NyHac Barton, Temple of the Dog sounds like Soundgarden because they ARE Soundgarden. It was a combination of members from Soundgarden and Pearl Jam.
  • Travis from Laconia, NhThis song was in Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas
  • Matt from Boston, Mawhether or not that guy helped write the song doesnt matter, it could be about the prom, and i could be about a missing girl. great lyrics because none of u seem to understand what it means, i think lyrics never really have any meaning, there is the message the artist has and then there is the way u take the song. just look at "born in the usa" thats not a pro american song but reagan ran with it in the 80s and its considered an american pride song, it gets stupid rednecks pumped about america. so its all about how you take a song.
  • Obzcure from AucklandOk alot of bleh here. First off.. well done it does sound alot like pearl jam. In fact when it was released alot of people did actually think it was pearl jam. In an interview with eddie vedder (pearl jam front man) he mentioned at this time people commeneted on why he cut his hair and dyed it red.. obviously confusing him with scott weiland. as for the debate about nirvana inspiring etc etc. well in reality pixies inspired nirvana. mudhoney ofcourse were the first big boomers in the seattle sound and nirvana 2nd.. but overall it was mother love bone that created the seattle sound (no created as in made it but generated the buzz to form the name) I wouldnt say nirvana inspired pearl jam as they are so very different.. the only relation is they both came from ratehr messed up backrounds.. but then again who didnt?
  • Jose from New York, NyHow do you know that Pearl Jam was influenced by Nirvana... if all the Seattle grunge bands were friends, all working on creating this new sound, you can't pin point who influenced who. Nirvana most likely had influence on the other grunge bands, but the other bands also had influence on Nirvana... all of these bands helped to develope this sound... in the end Pearl Jam and Soundgarden ended up being amazing, while Nirvana was pretty bad, but got the most attention... anyway as for the song "Plush" I also see a shocking resemblance to "Even Flow"
  • Elliot from St. Louis, MoAlso, pete, Nirvana was the second grunge band to make it big, Mudhoney was first, with their song "Touch Me I"m Sick" (that is a catchy song, I must say).
  • Elliot from St. Louis, MoGrunge rock is also know by the name of "Seattle Sound" because grunge rock started in Seattle in the late 80's. The most prominent grunge bands came from Seattle, like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Green River, The Melvins, Mother Love Bone, Mudhoney, Temple of the Dog, Screaming Trees, and a whole lot more. Did you notice the Stone Temple Pilots where not on that list? STP was founded in California in 1990, after the "Seattle Sound" had already becaome popular amongst the west coast. Scott Weiland (STP singer) heard this music and, after meeting Robert DeLeo, the bass player, decided to form a grunge rock band. At this point there were many popular grunge rock bands (many of the Seattle Sound bands didn't last that long in the public eye), and there was almost not a way to become a grunge rock band without sounding similar to another, seeing as so many styles of grunge were taken. So they released their first album, Core, in 1992, after most grunge bands had already released a few albums. I don't think that they were a clone of the others bands on purpose, though, they just didn't have a new kind of sound, something different then the norm grunge. The fact that most people only liked the grunge bands for the hits, not the meaning behind the music, is why the average listener doesn't care, or notice, or just makes assumptions, like the one you said about grunge bands not knowing each other before they got big. That is false, almost all the Seattle Sound bands (from Seattle) knew eqach other, and would even have concerts together. They had good friendships, which is why you notice that members of the same bands would form a side project with friends from another Seattle grunge band, and make a tour with both bands and the side project also performing. The Seattle grunge bands had a close bond. The Stone Temple Pilots do deserve some credit for being able to create a grunge band that gave a Seattle-like sound without being friends with the Seattle grunge bands. The Stone Temple Pilots did do an okay job in bringing grunge to the mainstream, and their music was okay from a musicians standpoint, but it lacked in "bang" it didn't change and the band often used same note patterns in their vocals and music. Grunge Rock is the best genre of music!
    Elliot (the grunge fan)
  • Mike from Newark, NjGabriel ought to just take credit for all the songs on "Core". I'm sure he's got a story about how he trampled his mom's really wicked garden so ran off with his buddy scott to find out where the river goes but they ran across a dead and bloated naked body on a mattress! So Gabriel tried to perform a sex type thing on it, but it was a sleeping hobo! He jumped up and said, "You creep, what a sin! You wet my bed, and on my naked sunday, no less! I was gonna get a piece of pie and everything!" So they ran away and to this day have no memory as to how they got home. But the hobo became the local legend known as "Crackerman". Whew, cheesy huh. But all 11 songs because Gabriel explained Plush already. Anyway, "Core" was the first EVER album I bought as a kid, and Plush is still my favorite STP song.
    Great memories.
  • Gabriel from Huntington Beach, CaDear Friends,

    The Truth at last........

    The Song was written about a 14 year old Virgin named Lisa Marie Taylor. She sayed no many times 9is it raining in your bedroom?)because she knew he was a no good two , three, four timing dog, but finally gave in to the Rock Star, 'cause she loved him.
    He used sex to hide from his true feelings for poeple, and twist of fate...He fell in love with her, but she fell in love with sex,(Where are you going with My mask you found?)
    On prom night when he was going to propose to her, (And I feel it, and she feels it)she called him and said she was going with just her friends....(Now I see through the eyes of disarray)(when the dogs find her, will she smell alone?)
    The original lyrics went... "I'll just have to wait for tomorrow, to find out, to find out."

    The song is still painfull to remember, even to this day almost 25 years after I wrote it.
    Me and Scott where friends since 9th grade (1982)
    and I wrote that song and let him borrow it.

    P.s. He never once has said thanks either.

    Gabriel Ortiz
  • Pete from Providence, RiSTP wasnt "influenced by pearl jam..or Nirvana..they were all underground bands in the late 1980's when nobody knew who each other was..and when one band struck big this case Nirvana..record companies did the common record company thing..they went out and found as many bands that were part of the movement as they could..its not like stp or pearl jam heard nirvana on the radio and decided to make similar sounding songs
  • Cool Guy from Compton, CaEven Flow's rhythm is much faster. And Even Flows about a hobo who threw his life away and Plush is about a girl who went missing.
  • Gregory from Columbus, GaTo Tom in Scotland: My band plays both Even Flow and Plush. Structurally, the songs are nothing alike. The tempo is nowhere near the same. They're in two different keys. I won't argue that STP sounds like Pearl Jam, but you're comparing the wrong two songs. And to Billy in Boston, Axl is the only person who broke up GNR and the only person who can ever bring them back together. Won't happen in our lifetime.
  • Elliot from St. Louis, MoWow, I was just reading the lyrics and discovered that the second verse says "so is it raining in your BEDROOM". I always though it was "so is it raining in your BATHROOM". Wow, I even performed that song in a talent show and sai "bathroom". Whoops. Go STP.
  • Elliot from St. Louis, MoI would agree that STP was influenced by Pearl Jam, but then again, don't you think that Pearl Jam is influenced by Nirvana? They were the mother of all modern grunge rock bands, and have influenced directly or indirectly almost every rock band since. STP used similar music styles, but their lyrical techniques were either completely different, or made to unoffensively mock other grunge rock bands at the time. STP wanted to make a song about some important news event that involved some kind of killing or rape (like Jeremy by Pearl Jam or Polly by Nirvana). Stone TEmple Pilots came out with Plush, a story about a made up missing person, who might have been a rape victim.
  • Tom from Scotch City, Scotlandthis song, is in fact, about nothing at all. it's catchy, but complete and utter gibberish. and it's not about a tragic news story. STP were the biggest wagon jumpers in music history, and at a time when polly by nirvana was being lauded for its deep psychological meaning, STP decided to tell everyone that songs like plush and sex type thing had actual meaning so claimed they were about missing people or being inside the mind of a date rapist.

    and also, this song is a derivative of Even Flow. if anyone is baffled by STP comparison's to pearl jam, listen to plush then even flow.
  • Mike from Mckinney, TxThe acoustic version is in fact not better, thats a stupid thing to say. And the thought of STP taking from Pearl Jam is not so much rediculous as just stupid. The only band thats arguable to say STP in influenced by is Led Zeppelin. Dean even looks like Jimmy Page. But screw those who agree with me, I'm just rambling.
  • Kent Lyle from Palo Alto, CaWhen the song came out, I thought it was the best Pearl Jam song I had ever heard. It took STP a little while to escape charges of being derivative, but their ability to write catchy hooks pulled them through.
  • Ted from Kingston, CanadaThe acoustic version of this song caused me to lose sleep at night, I spent the better part of 3 years looking for it!
  • Kaylene from Moore, Ori read the lyrics and it does seem like a girls "no-no" place lol but when its talking about the dogs the ones in the vides are running in the woods like they were searching for something.

  • John from Chico, CaA lot of people think this song is about a woman's "no-no" area. I think it's a really great song and the guitar in it kicks ass. The acoustic version is the best, there's more emotion in it.
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