Sex Type Thing

Album: Core (1992)
Charted: 55
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  • A driving rocker from the band's first album, this song has very dark subject matter: It's sung from a rapist's point of view, trying to justify his actions ("you shouldn't have worn that dress"). Lead singer Scott Weiland, who wrote the lyrics, explained that the song is meant to speak out against date rape, but that the message is often lost in the music. He was always disappointed when fans would mosh to it at live shows.
  • Stone Temple Pilots drummer Eric Kurtz says that along with "Big Bang Baby," this is one of his favorite songs to play live. "They have a very straight-type rhythm pattern to them," he said. "You usually get the audience jumping up and down because the rhythm is basically on 2 and 4 - it's very simple. Especially when you perform down in South America. I mean, man, those fans are fantastic! When they jump up and down in unison, even at outdoor festivals the stage will start shaking. They're actually shaking the ground. You have 40 or 50,000 people doing that. It's such a rush."
  • When Scott Weiland realized that listeners didn't always get that he was singing this song from the perspective of a deranged character, he made his point by slipping on a dress and smearing his face with lipstick before performing the song.
  • This bears a strong resemblance to the 1990 Danzig song Snakes of Christ, something Glenn Danzig has mentioned.
  • A "Swing Version" (mixed by Malcolm Devenish) and a "Live On The Word" version (mixed by Jimmy Huth) were released as part of the CD single for "Plush," which was issued in Europe, Australia and Japan. In America, the band's label, Atlantic, issued promotional singles to radio stations, but didn't make them available for sale, a tactic used to boost album sales.
  • This was the first Stone Temple Pilots song to get substantial radio play, and it came on hard rock stations, which took the band by surprise. They were grateful for the airplay, but didn't consider themselves a metal band. As a result of the airplay, their early audiences drew a rougher crowd that didn't always appreciate it when Weiland would perform this song in drag.
  • The video was the first one made by Stone Temple Pilots. Directed by Josh Taft, it did well on the MTV heavy metal show Headbangers Ball, which invited the band for an interview. Dean DeLeo showed up at the December 1992 taping with his acoustic guitar, and he and Weiland performed a laid-back version of "Plush" that got picked up by a bunch of radio stations, helping to expose the band to a wide audience.
  • In the UK, this made #60 in March 1993 when it was first released; when it was reissued later in the year, it made #55 in November.
  • The title never appears in the lyric. This is the case with two other songs on the album: "Naked Sunday" and "Plush."

Comments: 19

  • Kreekrosser22Okay, so I need your opinion on something gays and gals. I am not a “typical” jealous female. I am guilty of being somewhat jealous (for lack of a better word), but I can’t seem to shake the feeling of disgust when I try to understand why a person would write the song title “sex type thing” on the wall inside a heart (someone else drew) at their so called best friends house when he and his girl were taking some time apart. Supposedly the girl who wrote it is Bi- sexual but mostly likes other girls and is in a relationship with a current partner. Don’t think I’m as naïve as this songs. But I have been told I’m crazy for the last time. I lived in a cult type atmosphere where heavy drug use and the use of mental abuse was more common than not. So I don’t know if after living thru all that if I have fully been able to trust my own judgement anymore. I know it sounds petty af, but it’s really not about that at its core I need to hear other people agree that seeing something like that written on your wall in your home with my bf (aka her best friend) live together. It’s gotta mean something or it wouldn’t exist. What was the point she was trying to make by writing it in the first place. And if it didn’t mean anything at ll then why were just the words painted over like someon didn’t want others to see? Am I completely crazy? I know I am crazy but damn I believe at least 5/10 females would agree that they felt some type of way when they first saw the new addition to her bedroom! Thanks in advance.
  • Josh from UsaWas just listening to 91X in San Diego. They were saying that Scott was inspired to write this after a girl he was dating was raped by three football players after a party.
  • Mike from Lasalle, OnI read and interview with Hit Parader and they were interview Scott and he said the song was about how men control women or something like that.
  • Kayla from Oklahoma City, OkMan, Stone Temple Pilots take a lot of crap. I think they're awesome, and this is my favorite song by them.
  • Austin from Smallsville,new England, --The music video shows the band playing live.
  • Aki from Sunrise, FlWho else hears a similarity between the opening guitar riff of this and "No More Tears" by Ozzy Osbourne, during the chorus where he just repeats the title?
  • Jim from Seattle, Wasex type thing is an awesome song. and anyone who disses on core can suck my. . . anyway sex type thing is a great song. i love playing this on the guitar cuz of the main riff
  • Will from Des Moines, Iawell, being at Scott Weiland owns the rights to STP, i think he can rip off any of his own songs, that he wants, dumbasses
  • Jer from London, Canadahe Tom you need to start listening to STP more because there AWSOME! I would recomend the songs, unglued, tumbel in the the rough, and lady pitcure show
  • Cool Guy from Compton, Canot only is sex type thing ripped off for dirty little thing, the song "crackerman" is also ripped off.boy VR isn't smart
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandMike, why am I stupid when I just recommended an album? Aren't you the stupid one for telling me what to do?

    Just stop being an arsehole and let people recommend any album they think is good, it might get other people into the music.
  • Andrew from Vancouver, CanadaHey cool guy you clearly have a terrible ear for music because slither sounds nothing like this song
  • Pete from Providence, RiNah, VR used "Sex Type Thing" as a Model For "Dirty Little Thing"...aside from similar sounding titles, the tab itself is exactly the same when you look at it. Slash just played it alot faster
  • Amanda from Louisville, KyCore is an awesome album! The songs are sheer brilliance.Scott is a supurb vocialist and a fine artist.Core is one of my very favorite albums of all time and would definately recommend it.
  • Kelsie from Reno, NvScott is awesome but I think he wrote better songs when he was a junkie
  • Michelle from Fair Oaks, CaScott wrote it to show his perverted side.. Which is bigger than any of his other sides.
  • Mike from Mckinney, TxHey I have a better idea...lets stop being stupid and you can listen to any album or any song and I assure you it will be good. In fact, i would as far to say that Sex Type Thing is one of their more mediocre songs. But whatever, do what you will.
    PS. I would recommend any album over Core.
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandListen to the album CORE and the songs Interstate Love Song
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandThe only STP song I know and it rocks big time!
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