• A track from Stone Temple Pilots debut album, lead singer Scott Weiland wrote the lyrics based on STP bass player Rob DeLeo's bad relationship with a woman. Many of Weiland's lyrics are personal, but he would often write from the perspective of others, and in this case channeled his bandmate.

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  • Devalle from Houston, TxI honestly believe he's talking about drinking Gin or Vodka, which both are sometimes refer to as Holy Water or Sin. At least that's what we called it back in the late 90's. The more you drink the stronger you feel.
  • Spog Zallagi from Blue Hill, MeThis song is really dark and scary to me. I always play this song when I think of George Bush (Insane manic cackling. Sound of sniper rifle cocking) "Sink into the wholes in my eyes" Very disturbing. It's a perfect song for a horror movie. When ever I play this song I alway ALWAYS reminded of people that have caused me pain. And it is soothing when bad memories come up. This and Boston's "Don't Look Back" sooth me. If I sound screwed up I'm not. Really...who likes cheese!
  • Cel from Philadelphia, PaMy fave STP song!! I love the repeat "Down you go, suffer long. Down you go, sin make me strong."
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