Album: The Covering (2011)
  • This is the only original song on Stryper's album The Covering. We speak with a lot of songwriters, and they very often explain that songs can come to them very quickly, as if a higher power is controlling them when it happens. So it would make sense that God would use Stryper lead singer Michael Sweet to channel a song about Himself. Sweet told us: "I was lying in bed one night just before we were going into the studio, I wanted to have an all original new song, and that melody was going through my head. And I went downstairs and grabbed a guitar, put chords to it, called my home phone from my cell phone, recorded the melody into my home phone machine so I could go to bed. That was the quick way of doing it. I went to bed, woke up the next morning, listened to it to refresh my memory, then penned the words at the kitchen island over a cup of coffee. And that one came together in the night and in the morning."


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