Brad NowellVocals, guitar
Eric WilsonBass
Bud GaughDrums
  • They played their first show on July 4, 1988 at Harbor Peninsula, a small club in Long Beach, California. As legend has it, the performance initiated a small-scale riot, now known as the Peninsula Riot.
  • Their first record, 40 Oz. to Freedom, was released through a homemade label, Skunk Records, started by Nowell and Sublime manager Miguel. It sold an amazing 5,000 copies before they were signed to MCA and spent over 50 weeks on Billboard's Alternative New Artist chart.
  • Nowell died on May 25, 1996 in San Francisco, California from a heroin overdose. Their commercial breakthrough didn't occur until July that year when their third, self-titled album was released. His death came just seven days after he married his wife Troy, and eleven months after his son Jakob Nowell was born. >>
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    Tristan - Seattle, WA
  • Miguel (a.k.a. Michael Happoldt) played a major role in the band, playing several instruments on their first album and producing their outtakes collection Second-hand Smoke after Nowell died.
  • Wilson and Gaugh continued in music after Nowell's death. They formed the Long Beach Dub Allstars, which released their first album in 1999.
  • Lou Dog was Nowell's dog, a dalmatian. He was name-checked in several songs, not to mention the backing vocals he contributed. Some consider him the fourth member of the band. Once, he was lost in Costa Rica, but was quickly recovered... in the jungle. Lou Dog died in 2001.
  • Artists that have been cited as Sublime influences: Black Flag, the Specials, KRS-One, the Circle Jerks, Selector, Run-D.M.C., and NWA. Artists that Sublime toured with: Firehouse, No Doubt, the Ramones, the Melvins and Butthole Surfers.
  • Gaugh on politics: "We're pro-choice. We think everyone should have the right to smoke pot or not."
  • Nowell's first band was formed when he was 13 and was called Hogan's Heroes.
  • One night, they found a man in a halfway house named Raleigh Theodore Sakers. He began hallucinating and the band pulled out their tape recorder. Some of his ramblings can be heard on their second album, Robbin' the Hood.
  • The Long Beach Dub Allstars include Marshall Goodman, who was in charge of samples and turntables for Sublime, and singer Opie Ortiz, who did artwork for Sublime.
  • Brad's heroin addiction got so bad he got the tattoos to his elbow and underarm just to hide his track marks. >>
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    Steve - Mount Prospect, IL
  • Bud Gaugh was drunk before one show and decided to go BMX riding. He fell flat on his back and broke two ribs. He finished off the tour and only got minimum medical attention. >>
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    Joe - Farmville, VA
  • Paul Leary, who produced their 1996 self-titled album, is the guitarist in the Butthole Surfers. "He heard our song 'Date Rape' on the radio, so we hooked up back then," Eric Wilson said in his Songfacts interview. "And ever since then, there's no reason looking for anyone else. He's such a perfectionist when it comes to producing."

    Leary also produced the 2015 Sublime With Rome album Sirens.
  • Bradley dropped out of college with only one semester left from getting his Bachelor's degree. He was majoring in finance. >>
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    Cory - Tallahassee, FL
  • After Bradley wore out his Ibanez, he got a custom-built guitar from a friend to which he gave the affectionate name, "The Brown Guitar." It was designed especially for him and now is owned by his family in Long Beach, California. >>
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  • When Nowell was 11 years old, he went to the Virgin Islands with his dad. This was when he was introduced to reggae, which greatly influenced his music. >>
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    Kirsten - Apex, NC
  • The last show that Sublime played was at Petaluma, California, which took place on May 24, 1996, about 8-12 hours before Nowell was found dead in his hotel room. This is quite a rare recording, as most websites have been forced to remove links to it. However, there are a lot of fans who still hold these recordings. The show was eventually given the name "Play Nice in the Pit." >>
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    James - Blackpool, England
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Comments: 50

  • Bubblesk from Memphis, TnOooo---I love Sublime. It was the early 1990s when I was an undergrad in college when I first heard Sublime & fell in love with the music. When Brad died I was so shocked & saddened but I stayed a fan. Now, I still hear Sublime songs on the radio almost every day here. Their music meant so much to me back in the 1990s when I was so alone & in bad health. Now, life is good & it makes my day better when Ihear Sublime. Just today, the radio station played "The Wrong Way" and got me to boogying down the hall, out onto the patio & back. Rock on, Brad----where ever ya are.
  • Tyler from Boca Raton, FlSublime's outrageous music has encouraged me to start playing guitar. no one can ever beat sublime. it is sad to know that the song "waiting for bud" in the album robbin the hood is about bud trying to help Bradley get off his heroine addiction. Obviously Brad's addiction wasnt cured. RIP Brad i wish i had gotten to see you pllay in concert but i was around two when you died. u are the king of music.
  • Ryan from Battle Creek, MiI just wished I could have seen Sublime play...I woulda loved to have seen them so much...Brad's voice was amazing and the music provides me with pleasure every day. Brad, if ur out there, I just wanna thank you for the music you made. I hope your pain is all gone now wherever you are. Much love!
  • Camilo from Medellín, South AmericaNo puedo explicar lo que sentí cuando por primera vez ví el video de Santería. Ver a Brad, nuevamente pero sobretodo ver a Lou-Dog observando su silueta con tanta nostalgia llenó de melancolía mi corazón. Pero saber que ese Dalmata, el mejor amigo de Bradley ha muerto, me dejó perplejo. Dios quiera que ese par de amigos inseparables estén disfrutando de la gloria.
  • Chanet from New Castle, Pabrad nowell was an awesome singer and im sure an awesome person! mad respect to all that made the music possible i first heard sublime when i was 17 im now 23 and no matter how many times ive heard the song its so nice i wanna hear the same song twice!!!!!!!!
  • Brent from Detroit, Mithe only thing i question about the band is why beastie boys aren't credited or thanked on any of the albums where their samples are used. otherwise, it's all flawless. it's been more than 11 years now. we miss you bradley, but we'll be playing your sh!t forever. i hope you're having fun with lou up there. r.i.p.
  • Zach from Redlands, CaWad up people! I just rgisterd. Ive been listenin to sublime 4 years. These guys are great. much respect 2 brad bud eric and anyone who helped drop the music. Its f*cked up that a lot of their fans dont know he past...
  • Jamie from Victoria, CanadaSublime is the greatest band in history.
    Nobody can compare to them.
    Since I've listened to Sublime, my life is so much better.
    The day that I finally meet Brad I will rock with him so hard.
    There is no band greater than Sublime and yesterday (May 25) was a very sad day for me but Brad has taught me and I will never do heroin.
    R.I.P Brad and Lou-Dog.
  • Chris from Mexico Me, Mesublime is the sh*t i just love hearing the music. i play them every day R.I.P Brad
  • Lil Mike from San Francisco, CaThe reason the last show was called "Play nice in The pit" was due to a sign hanging in the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma CA.
  • Ryan from Hunntington Beach, CaI saw sublime play at a hotel lobby in L.B bradley freestyled to perfectoin, as well as the awsome guitar playing.Bud was slammin tha skins like it was the end of the world.And eric thumped many a chest with his bass rig. thanx guys R.I.P. brad. much love...... from ryan.
  • Willie from Hopatcong, NjI joined this site to leave a comment after reading some of the other comments here. I have a band and I sing and play guitar in it and I have to say that Sublime is the most influencial bands of the 90s. If your one who knows anything about making songs and writing music you would see the unique genius of Sublime, if you took the time to dive into their newer and older stuff. Im happy to see that so many people recognize that, and they truely do belong in the hall of fame, although they were cut short of true fame the talent is their. RIP Bradley and long live SUBLIME as a whole, because the three of them are responsible for some of the best songs of all time.
  • Dylan from Camarillo, CaSublime was one of the if not the best band of all time. Their music is awesome. If you have to get a CD from them get "Robbin' The Hood" it's lesser known but it rivals 40oz. to freedom and sublime it is even more unique than they already are. (not for kids) raleigh solliliquy pt. 2 is hilarious. RIP lou-dog and RIP brad
  • Marcus from Cobleskill, Nybrod nowell...well what to say beside R.I.P brad. if there was one person i could have smoked a bowl with it would have been you...thanks, you maked me look at things from a completley different angle....your friend

  • Alfonso Bocanegra from Downey, Casublime was a great influence in my life. it showed me a new way to look at life when i first listened to sublime. r.i.p bradley james nowell
  • Kim from Stuart, FlOK, it was a horrible tragedy that Brad died, but, as with a lot of musicians who pass on in an untimely fashion, you gotta think that it was for the best. Just look what happens to musicians who start out bright and talented, and then stay in the record business too long. It's hard to think of the Brad Nowell that we all know and love as a corporate tool, but it may well have happened if he had survived and Sublime had actually existed through their success.
  • Jessie from Ft. Collins, CoYou are amazing Brad I love you with all my heart and soul. Your music has inspired my life so much. You have the most amazing voice. You will always live on. AND SHE SAID YOUR NOT THE ONLY ONE BUT YOR THE BEST BRADLEY! RIP 4:20 Love Ya!
  • Soma from Providence, RiRight on... Sublime should definately be inducted into the hall of fame. They are not only amazing and obviously timeless...they have been the influences of many great bands now and bands to come.
    One Love
    ~Soma, providence, ri
  • Lorenzo Romei from Victoria, CanadaI think Rivers of Babylon was actually a Boney M song if you can believe it! :)
  • Chris from Ny, Nyyo Sublime never did a cover of "No woman No Cry"
    its actually a band called murder one, they even say it in the song, not marajauna in the house tonight, murder one in the house tonight
  • Laura from Ddoylestown, PaIt takes a certain kind of person to really appreciate the kind of musical talent that you see in sublime, I applaud all of you who truly see it.
  • G-sick from Grass Valley, Cao ya and i agree with that amp person
  • Garrett from San Bruno, CaSublime was actually formed in 1986 and that is also when they recorded their first song, fighting blindly, which marks the actual creation of the band as a recording group, in 1988 which is the year that they helped to form skunk records, with Miguel Happoldt.
  • Izzie from Lala, Hii couldnt live without sublimes music. they are easily the best band of my time. he is such an amazing songwriter and they'e music is awesome. my favorite song is what i got, its my personal manual on how to live life. my favorite one of their covers is their cover on the bob marley song no woman no cry. its awesome, you should listen. sublime is my love, RIP Bradley, maybe one day ill hear you play in heaven.
  • Amp from Longbeach, Caif it wasnt for sublime my love for music wouldnt have been so strong. brad has influenced my life greatly. thank you brad, also for giving all of us stoners something to listen to! r.i.p.
    love you!!!
  • Erik from N Canton, OhI believe that sublime is one of the best things that has ever happened to the music industry.
    he goes down with the greeats such as bob marley
    I personaly will never forget brad or his music
  • Ricky from Romeo, Mibrad wasnt buried he was cremated and spread over where eric and bud felt he should of been thats what it says in a dvd i have.
    they all were amazing eric would improv every song (personally hes my favorite bassist) bud had awesome drumming and of course bradley had the voice and guitar that you will never forget hes truley amazing.

    - a 40 oz to freedom is the only chance i have to feel good even tho i feel bad
  • Jennifer from Lowell, MaI think Brad Nowell is right up there with Bob Dylan as one of the greatest American songwriters ever. I'm so grateful for their music sometimes it feels like my heart's going to burst.
  • Sara from Albuquerque, NmBrad Nowell (RIP) was a lyrical genius. He ws also a great husband and father. No one can EVER compare to Brad and the rest of Sublime. The tragic events leading to Brad's death will always be remembered and he will always be loved by me and all his other fans. RIP Brad. We'll all miss you
  • Justin from Austin, TxI want to thank Sublime with all my heart for providing the world with music in a time that real music is hard to find. In my book, Brad goes down with Hendrix and Cobain as some of the most talented people in all of music's history that were taken out of this world too early.
  • Kat from Finksburg, Mdbrad nowell's music completes me. seeing pictures of him makes me cry. i'd give anything to have him back in this world. he was taken too early from us. RIP brad
  • Olga from Chicago, IlI love Sublime! Santeria is my favorite song. It's the best song to chill to on the beach with your friends and a guitar.
  • Ed from Butler, Pabrad is buried in westminster memorial park, westminster, orange county, california
  • Mike from Chi Town, IlDoes anyone know where Brad lies, because a trip to the burial sight would be the high point of my life!
  • Jacqueline from Toronto, CanadaSublime is one of my all-time favourite bands. It's just too bad that Bradley died so young and so early. He never got the chance to enjoy the success that he deserved. The world lost an amazing musician the day Bradley Nowell died.
  • Corrie from Seaside, OrI would have to say that Sublime is my favorite band. I did an 8 page report on them for my language arts class this year and all the things i learned just made me love them that much more. The sound of there music just make you feel so good. Its sad that because of Brad there not making music any more but the music they did make is just so great that it dosent matter.
  • Kevin from Campbell River, CanadaSublime rules. Nowell was amazing. They are great. They should be inducted to the Hall Of fame
  • Badge from Dublin, IrelandI came upon Sublime by mistake on Limewire when I was searching for Bob Marley's "No Woman, No Cry". I got a version Sublime did instead and I thought it was pretty good so I looked for some other songs by them. I think "Date Rape" and "Wrong Way" are both excellent songs as they display an ability to combine catchy, upbeat music with top class, entertaining lyrics. I had no idea about their history until now so thanks everyone who has commented here. I've decided to buy one of their albums, any recommendations?
  • Richard from Guildford, EnglandThe peninsula riot was on harbour peninsula
  • Hen from Glen Ridge, Njactually, brad and eric had been jamming for a while in some verious bands before brad left for college. while brad was in school, eric and bud began to jam. when brad returned for his spring break, eric told bud about brad, and what a great singer and guitar player he was. so eric had brad over, and thats when brad and bud met. over the break they wrote about 4 songs including ebin, one of my original faves. brad and the others felt good potential for sublime, and brad transfered to back to college in his home town of long beach to persue music with the others. im not trying to be a flop or nayhting, just wanted to get the story out their. if nayone has any questions or cool stuff, email me at, and remember to keep brads memory going, there are so many great ppl out their to connect with, and lots of bands that have been heavily influenced by sublime. theyre not sublime, nobody ever will be, but theyre all good, and they will at least give you a dose of the sublime style. all those people are right, sublime archive is really great for hearing tons of unavailable sublime, and u can get a good dose of most of the other "similar" bands out their. im a sublime nut, so any questions, ask me. i know a ton about brad and stuff, and id love to talk with some other fans. peace out
  • Chris from Pittsburgh, PaBrad was actually only one semester from attaining his degree in finance.
  • Josh from Houston, Txsublimes had a record before 40 oz. to was called "jah wont pay the bills" check out if u want to know any thing about the band or all the other awsome bands out there
  • Josh from Houston, Txsublime's eric wilson plays bass for longbeach shortbus and bud gaugh plays drums for volcano but that sublime sound will never come out of neither bands..brad had soul and a voice that no one can match
  • Ante from Zagreb, CroatiaIt was the keyboard player from LBDA who joined the Mars Volta not the drummer.
  • Lorena from Santa Monica, CaI LOVE SUBLIME!!! not just because theyre pot heads because they have that same know? i love it! i like one of the songs they do i spanish"caress me down" or whatever. it sounds better in espanol. but what few words there are in english are good to! if you wanna see the lyrics for that song and all the rest, and if i got the song title wrong please let me know!
  • Rudi from Melbourne, Australiathe drummer from the long beach dub all stars (jon theodore i think) went on to drum for the mars volta.
  • Scott Evans from Bradford, FinlandNo Doubt's Gwen Stefani appears on Robbin' The Hood sharing vocal duties with Brad on 'Saw Red'.
  • Nicholas W from Tunnel Hill, GaBrad Nowell was the kind of person that liked to song and amile, and was good at both. He tried to kick his addiction to heroin but it was too addictive for him to quit. He was in and out of rehab since 1992 and on may 15 1996 he was found by bud gaugh on the floor dead of a heroin overdose. He loves his wife Troy and his son Jakob. As of 2001 he has been reunited with his best friend, Lou-Dog. R.I.P. Brad
  • Ryan from Janesville, WiGaugh was the one who found Bradley dead.
  • Juan from Topeka, Kansas, Kybrad nowell dropped out of college to join sublime after eric and bud invited him to join sublime
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